Daily Joke: A Physicist Goes to an Ice-Cream Parlor and Offers a Sundae to an Empty Stool

A physicist with a sweet tooth goes to an ice cream parlor every week. He religiously buys two sundaes and offers one to an empty stool next to him. 

One day, a physicist went to an ice-cream parlor. As usual, he ordered two sundaes and offered one to the empty stool next to him. 

The owner of the shop thought it strange that the man always bought an extra dessert but never had it himself. "Why would you buy a sundae for a chair?" he wondered. 

Man serving ice cream. | Source: Pexels

Man serving ice cream. | Source: Pexels

The owner decided to ask the man about his curious routine. "Why do you buy ice cream for the chair?" he asked.


The physicist smirked. He was wondering when the man would ask him the question. 

"Well, quantum mechanics teaches us that there is a chance that the matter above this stool will spontaneously transform into a beautiful woman who will accept my offer of ice cream and fall in love with me," he replied. 

Delightful sundae. | Source: Pexels

Delightful sundae. | Source: Pexels

The physicist's answer surprised the shop owner. "You see, we have beautiful women come in here all the time. Why don't you buy one of them ice cream instead? Maybe she will fall in love with you," he advised. 

The physicist pulled up his eyebrows and said, "Yeah, right! And what are the odds of THAT happening?"

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A woman eating ice cream. | Source: Pexels

A woman eating ice cream. | Source: Pexels


An old man was walking down the street when he came across an ice cream parlor. It was a hot day and he really wanted to get his favorite chocolate ice cream.  

After going through the menu, he ordered a chocolate sundae.

“Crushed nuts?” the server asked with a smile.

"No. Bad knees," said the old man. 

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A jolly old man. | Source: Pexels

A jolly old man. | Source: Pexels

Here's another story of an old man who went to the doctor for a checkup. 

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