Amy Schumer Opens up about Her Experience Returning to Work 5 Months after Giving Birth to Son Gene

Amy Schumer got candid about going back to work in a new post on Instagram, and it inspired other celeb moms to share their stories.

Amy Schumer always keeps things 100% real, and in a new post on Instagram, she got candid about returning to work five months after giving birth to her son, Gene. 

The comedian shared a photo of herself cuddling her son, and in the caption, she wrote:

"5 months ago today, and like all moms, l love him so much it hurts. I'm feeling strong, and good, and I'm still a human being with interests, ambitions, and goals that I'm excited to reach."

Schumer wrote that after her three months of maternity leave, she was afraid to leave her little boy, and there were days she cried from missing him.

She continued:

"It's mostly good to be back, and the breaks energies me to be a better mom, and appreciate our time even more."

The comedian who got mom-shamed for returning to work two weeks after she delivered Gene for a stand-up comedy show, admitted she has it more comfortable than most moms.

Schumer ended by writing that she wanted to share her experiences and asked other moms to share theirs.

Fellow celebrity moms obliged, with Drew Barrymore, commenting that after she had her kids:

"I didn't care about anything. Everything seemed trivial if it wasn't about my kids. After [a while], things fall into new places… forever changed by [an indescribable love]."

Schumer welcomed Gene in May, with her husband, Chris Fischer. At his birth, she described him as "Our royal baby."

 Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer take baby Gene Attell Fischer and their dog to the park in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer take baby Gene Attell Fischer and their dog to the park in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

The comedian who documented her pregnancy and post-pregnancy on social media shared in August that she had mixed emotions about returning to work.

The mom-of-one wrote alongside a post of herself, and Gene, napping:

"Back to work this week, feeling like [flushed, heartbroken, sad, excited]."

Schumer is over those feelings now. She is discovering the joys of balancing work life, with her mom's duties, and so far, things are going smoothly.

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