Jill Scott Is in Awe of Her 9-Year-Old Son Jett's Talent and Gushes over Him in a New Post

African American singer/songwriter Jill Scott expresses her pride in her nine-year-old son, Jett Hamilton Roberts, via an Instagram upload.

The proud mother stops at nothing to show the world how awesome her 5-year-old is as she updated her social media handle with a "timeless" photo of herself and her child.

"Motherhood is the most demanding job created. Motherhood is not just a dream"

Jill Scott at thet Tyler Perry Studios on October 05, 2019 in Atlanta | Photo: Getty Images

Jill Scott at thet Tyler Perry Studios on October 05, 2019 in Atlanta | Photo: Getty Images


A recent Instagram upload featuring both mother and son revealed how exciting their bond is, and the singer shares what she thinks about her son. First, she drew attention to his ear, which she termed as "magnificent scary."

That was not all; the mother of one stated how perfect they both are and mentioned some of Roberts' characteristics. Jill ensured to tell her fans how supportive her son is, and how mature he seems, using words like "deep," to qualify his thoughts.

The throwback image featured the proud mama in transparent shades, and her 5-year-old baby as he laid his head backward on his mother. The post was captioned with the words:

"I like this boy. His ear is magnificent scary. im5 impressed with his kindness and how romantic he is about The Creator. I appreciate his encouragement and his honesty."

She continued with:

"The boy is deep!.... I love when he holds my hands and randomly asks questions that I need to pray about ...old pic but timeless."

Fans were quick to gush over the show of affection, as some fans stated that the young chap derived his characteristics from his talented mother.


Asides from spotting the qualities possessed by young Roberts, the mother of one opened up about the responsibilities associated with parenting in the course of an interview.

She blurted out how much of a task it is to look after a child as a mother. In her words:

"Motherhood is the most demanding job created. Motherhood is not just a dream...Nothing is simple when you love someone this much.  Life doesn't stop when you've given birth.  A new life begins, and you own it and make it yours."

Although she admitted that bringing her child into the world came as a surprise when she found out about her pregnancy for her one-time drummer, Li'L John Roberts.

The singer, however, opened up about how receptive she was to parent a child and how it made her "responsible."


 Young Roberts seems to be treading on his mother's path, as he showed off his talent in a video posted on the singer's Instagram page.

Jill revealed that her son, who recently turned 10 wanted her to record him making a rendition of "Loving You" by Minnie Ripperton. The heartwarming post was well received by a large number of Jill's fans, while a few percent stated that he is feminized.

The singer stops at nothing to flaunt her son on the internet; whether it's a beach picture, or a mother and son post, the pair sure bonds in a meaningful manner.

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