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October 09, 2019

Gwen Stefani of 'The Voice' Shares Funny Compilation Video of Kelly Clarkson Who Admits She's a Superfan

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Superstar, Gwen Stefani may have many fans, but her biggest fan could arguably be her fellow coach on “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson. Gwen posted a video on her Instagram page, which showed Kelly Clarkson shower praises on her. 

Gwen Stefani has a fan in Kelly Clarkson, who, like herself, is a coach on “NBC’s” music talent show, “The Voice.” The pop star shared a video on her Instagram page, which showed Kelly Clarkson gush over Gwen and state how much influence she had on her career. 

Gwen Stefani at the Opera of Monte-Carlo on September 26, 2019, Monaco | Photo: Getty Images


The video posted by Gwen Stefani is related to “The Voice” and showed moments from one of the show’s episodes. The video refers to Kelly Clarkson as Gwen Stefani’s biggest fan and goes on to show her talk about how much she adores her music idol.

Kelly even refers to herself as a “Stage Five Clinger” when explaining to Gwen Stefani how much of a super fan she is of her. She tells Gwen; 

“If you ever saw me in your show, you would be like, Stage Five Clinger.”


Kelly goes on to narrate how she used to listen to Gwen Stefani when she was growing up, and how much influence Gwen’s music and personality have on her. 

Gwen Stefani appreciated Kelly’s honesty and captioned her video post with the words,

“OMG luv u @kellyclarkson gx.”


Many of Gwen Stefani’s fans reacted to her post on Kelly Clarkson and stated their love and admiration for the two superstars. 

One fan described the two women as the best, saying

“You both are just the best!! Love watching you both on the voice.”

Another fan described Kelly as crazy cute with her comment;

“Kelly is so crazy cute! Lol. We all love gwen a little crazy fans.”


The post by Gwen Stefani comes after the announcement by NBC that she would be replaced by Nick Jonas for the show’s upcoming eighteenth season next year.

Gwen only just returned to the show this year as a replacement for Adam Levine, her last appearance before now being in season 12. 

Fans of the star reacted to the news, expressing disappointment that she is leaving after only just returning. Some fans of the show, however, expressed their delight to have Nick Jonas as one of the coaches.