Courtney Kube of MSNBC Gets Interrupted by Her Son on Camera during Her Live Segment

A toddler brought smiles on the viewers of national television when he walked into the frame while his mother talked about the increasing military operations in the middle east.

MSNBC's Courtney Kube went through an embarrassing working mom moment when her son walked into the frame on live television. The toddler walked up to her mom and called out to her. 

The host was surprised at her son while the internet was left laughing at the funny yet cute live TV moment. 

MSNBC's Courtney Kube's son adorably interrupts mom's show | Source: Twitter/MSNBC

MSNBC's Courtney Kube's son adorably interrupts mom's show | Source: Twitter/MSNBC


Little did the young boy know that he would be on TV at such a young age. The boy walked towards his mom while eating something and called out to her. 

Kube was talking about Turkey's increasing military operations in Syria when the incident happened. The host quickly took hold of the situation and said, "Excuse me, my kids are here — live television!" with a smile on her face. 

MSNBC tweeted out a clip of the incident with the hashtags #MSNBCMoms and #workingmoms and wrote, "Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news."


This is not the first time that toddlers have raided the live show and gotten a laugh out of the audience. About two years ago, Professor Robert Kelly, had his interview with "BBC news" highjacked by his children. 

Professor Kelly was in the middle of an interview where he was talking about the political crisis in South Korea when the interview went uproariously awry. 

Kelly's daughter opened the door to his office and jauntily walked in like she owned the place. The BBC host acknowledged her presence and said, "I think that one of your children has walked in."


Kelly was keeping the toddler at bay when she walked in, and thankfully she was not making any noise. However, the situation took a funnier turn after a baby rolled into the room on a walker. 

While the professor was struggling to answer questions, the entire family went viral on live television. Kelly's wife, Kim Jung-A, raced in at top speed and attempted to take control of the rogue children.

"Pardon me," Kelly said after failing to hold in a giggle after witnessing the oddity of the situation. Kelly apologized for the entire ordeal after his wife literally dragged the rogue children out of the room and closed the door. 


The interview went viral on social media, and Kelly admitted to turning off their devices for quite a while after the incident in a video by "The Wall Street Journal." The family soon became an internet sensation with millions of parents relating to the incident and sharing the video. 

Kelly revealed that he was the one to blame for the mishap as he forgot to lock the door. Kelly's wife said that she was watching Kelly on the news with her children and due to the delay between the interview and the telecast, it was too late when she saw them on the television. 

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