Florida Man Helps over 400 Children by Donating Almost $1000 to Pay off School Lunch Debts

A man from Florida is being praised for his incredibly generous and selfless actions after donating almost $1000 to schools to pay off their lunch debts.

Andrew Levy, from Jupiter, Florida, was shocked when he learned that over 400 students were not receiving full meals in their school cafeterias.

Even though he doesn't have children of his own or any connection to the schools, the Palm Beach real estate agent decided to step in and help the students.

Andrew Levy | Photo: CBS Miami

Andrew Levy | Photo: CBS Miami


Although he has only lived in the South of Florida for five years, Levy claimed that he fell in love with the community and felt the need to take action.

According to Levy, the $944.34 that he paid was a modest sum considering the number of children he ended up helping, and that children should never worry about going hungry.

He said:

“Food is something that you shouldn’t have to think about. Children shouldn’t have to learn hungry. These children that were in debt were going to either not eat or they would get just cheese sandwiches and I thought that’s crazy.”


Levy shared that his donation was nothing more than a kind gesture, but it had an even greater effect than expected since it inspired others to make contributions to the schools.

The real estate agent explained that, after sharing the good deed on his Facebook account, the post was filled with people willing to help out, seeking to learn how they could contribute to the cause.


Levy will definitely appreciate the help as there are still students in Palm Beach County who carry more than $51,000 in outstanding lunch debts.

With this in mind, and in order to help families who can't afford to pay their lunch debts, Levy plans to organize a fundraiser four times a year to keep the debt from accumulating.

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