Marie Osmond of 'The Talk' Says The Osmond Brothers Started Singing to Help Buy Hearing Aids for Virl and Tom

Marie Osmond shared a rare pic of her younger years with her siblings on social media, and revealed what motivated the "Osmond Brothers," so start singing.

Marie Osmond made an exciting reveal with a post on Instagram. She shared an epic throwback photo of herself, with older brother, Tom, as he brushed the teeth of her younger brother, Jimmy, while she watched.

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On Wednesday, allergies attacked me and I lost my voice so I couldn’t do the show! 😫 So many from our audiences travel from all over the world to see us perform @FlamingoVegas, so when I can’t perform for them, it breaks my heart! 💔 To all of you who came to the Wednesday show and only got to see Donny on stage,😳 I know.... #HeNeedsMe!!! 😉😜🤣😘 That night while I was laying in bed, I couldn’t speak, so it gave me another chance to listen to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints #GeneralConference (I told you about it last Sunday). There is always one talk that touches my heart deeply or answers a question I have been pondering. This time, it was Sharon Eubank’s message as she spoke about light. She has a perfect view of the #LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah from her office window, and every night, like clockwork, the lights would come on. But one night in February the lights didn’t go on for some reason. Then this statement she made went straight to my heart. “Seeing darkness where I expected to see light reminded me that one of the fundamental needs we have in order to grow, is to stay connected to our source of light — Jesus Christ. He is the source of our power, the Light and Life of the World. Without a strong connection to Him we begin to spiritually die.” As we make Him the center of our lives, we will stand in His glorious light and feel His power… then... we can do all the things we need to do! He will help us when we are tired, overwhelmed and even unsure of where we fit in. Go to my Facebook page or to read more! May we keep the light of Christ burning within us, reminding us that the Lord knows how hard we are trying. His message is, we are not alone: His very name, Emmanuel, means, “God with us”. He is light, hope and love and I love this statement that Christ offers us, “Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive, knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” #HappySunday #RememberHimDaily

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In the lengthy caption, Marie wrote:

"I came across this photo a couple of days ago as I was going through old photos and scanning them to put on my computer."

The singer turned TV host went on to share with her fans how her siblings and herself helped each other out and learned in the process, writing that the "Osmond Brothers" started singing to buy their older brothers' hearing aids.

She wrote:

"You see, they started singing to buy Virl and Tom hearing aids."

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I found this picture a couple days ago as I was going through old photos and scanning them to put on my computer. I like to think that there are no accidents! As I thought about what the photo was telling me, it seemed to define this whole past week. In the photo I'm watching my oldest brother Tom brush my youngest brother Jimmy’s teeth. That’s the way it was in my family, watching, teaching and learning. It’s probably that way in most big families—the older ones watching out for the younger ones. Jimmy probably didn't ask for help, but Tom was there regardless (even though he probably wasn't thrilled to do it). And me watching the torture... that’s another story. The point is... the oldest helped the youngest. I haven’t had time to thank everyone publicly until now for all the effort in having everyone come together to make my birthday dreams come true. The four original Osmond Brothers sang together one last time & I wanted it to be my gift, to all of you too, for the way you have followed them through the years. I love you all! The song they sang on @thetalkcbs is called “The Last Chapter,” Alan wrote it and it's such a special song. I have said many times that without the original Osmond Brothers (our older siblings) there would not have been a Donny, Marie or even Jimmy. But I must even go back a step further and say without Virl & Tom, the two oldest Osmond brothers, who were born hearing impaired… there never would have been the four original Osmond Brothers. You see, they started singing to help buy Virl and Tom hearing aids. I love my brothers so very much!! They taught me (probably even when they didn’t want to) they critiqued me (even when I didn’t want them to 🤣) and we all kept learning, helping and loving together. The entire experience filled me with incredible gratitude from my family to my new “sisters” Sharon, Sheryl, Carrie Ann & Eve at The Talk to the CBS executives and staff (especially @redmannjohn for bringing the idea up in the first place!). And to all of you who have been with us from the beginning, like the song says “We Love You!” Go to my Facebook page or to read the rest of my #SundayMessage ♥️

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She added:

"I love my brothers."


Marie equally wrote on her brothers' rendition of "The Last Chapter," on CBS "The Talk," last week for her 60th birthday.

She called it the final performance, and the heartfelt performance signified an end to the Osmond sibling's 60 years' presence in the music industry. 

The TV personality is the only female child out of the nine children born to George Osmond by his wife, Olive. The brothers, Virl, Tom, Alan, Merrill, Wayne, Jay, Donny, and Jimmy all doted on their only female sibling.

Apart from the two older siblings who were born hearing impaired, the rest all had a musical career.


Marie and Donny rose to fame in the '70s with their variety show, "Donny and Marie." Afterward, she broke out and started a solo career. With hit songs like "Paper Rose" and "Meet Me in Montana," a young Marie cemented her place in country music.

Despite her fame, the "The Talk" host revealed in January that she had to put up with a lot of bullying and body shaming back then.

The singer who lost about 50 pounds that month said it affected her self-esteem, but as she grew older, she realized that it was not about her, but, "About them."

Marie Osmond on set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | Photo: Getty Images

Marie Osmond on set of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | Photo: Getty Images

The TV personality added that it made her work harder to prove her trolls wrong, and all the way, Marie had the support of her brothers. With all the Osmond siblings still alive and kicking, she can always count on that support system.

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