October 31, 2019

Weather Forecast for Halloween Predicts a Rainy and Snowy Holiday for Much of Eastern US

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It looks like the only thing missing to make a scary Halloween night on Thursday is a thunderstorm. All other elements will be present according to recent forecasts. 

Trick or treaters will have to accessorize their Halloween costumes with winter coats and ponchos as they go from door-to-door this holiday. Much of the eastern U.S. will struggle while the North is safe. 

The Eastern Coast

Major states areas that will experience mild snow include eastern Texas, Kansas City in Missouri, Des Moines in Iowa, and Madison in Wisconsin, reported Accuweather. 

A street and lined vehicles covered in snow | Photo: Shutterstock


These places will see about three to six inches of snow, leading to slippery surfaces. Places like Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan's Upper Peninsula may witness six to eight inches.

Extreme eastern states like Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, as well as New England will also experience heavy rain. West Virginia and Pittsburgh authorities have already re-scheduled trick-or-treating hours.

Little boy looks out raindrop-covered window | Photo: Shutterstock


North and Central U.S

Wind surges are set to hit places in the state's center. They'll come down from the Great Lakes, bringing temperatures to the 20s and even less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Eastern, North and Central coast will have parents dressing kids in layered undershirts if they do decide to let them continue their Halloween fun. 

A little girl wearing a yellow raincoat | Photo: Shutterstock


The West Coast

Western Montana to central Colorado is already under several feet of snow thanks to Tuesday night's storms. Contrastingly, California, Nevada, and Arizona are reeling from fires this week and are under high threat of more. 

Montana and Colorado may have to prepare for temperatures in the 20s to 40s, but the extreme northwestern states are a go for some mildly chilly trick-or-treating weather. 

Three girls in Halloween costumes make gesture | Photo: Shutterstock


Safer areas 

Accuweather's senior meteorologist Brett Anderson might make some happy amid the gloom. Some parts of Florida might go up to 80 degrees. 

The "Florida Peninsula to eastern Virginia, much of Maryland and Delaware, New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York state and southeastern New England," won't have rain he said

Boy walks along snowy streets | Photo: Shutterstock


Settle in for ghost stories

While some states simply pushed back their celebrations by mere hours, places like Nelsonville, Ohio, and Muncie, Indiana set back the holiday to Friday.

For those who still want to celebrate, they could always get wrapped up at home and settle in for some ghost stories. The costumes can wait. Why not use the cozy weather for some family bonding?