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Daily Joke: Doctor Talks to His 60-Year-Old Patient during a Checkup

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 17, 2019
04:00 A.M.
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On the off chance that you need a good laugh today, this hilarious conversation between the doctor and his 60-year-old patient during a checkup will give you just that.


One day, a 60-year-old man went to a doctor for a checkup. The doctor let him know, "You're in great shape. There's nothing wrong with you. Why you might live forever; you have the body of a 35-year-old. By the way, how old was your father when he died?"

"Did I say he was dead?" the man responded.

Elderly man walking on pavement. | Photo: Pexels


The doctor was astounded and asked, "How old is he, and is he very active?"

The man replied, "Well, he is 82 years of age, and he still goes skiing three times a season and surfing three times a week during the summer."

The doctor couldn't believe it. "Well, how old was your grandfather when he died?" he asked.

The man responded again, "Did I say he was dead?"

The specialist was flabbergasted. He stated, "You mean to tell me you are 60 years old, and both your dad and your granddad are alive? Is your grandfather very active?"


Doctor sitting in front of his desk. | Photo: Pexels

"He goes skiing at least once a season and surfing once per week throughout the mid-year. Not only that," said the patient, "my grandfather is 106 years old, and one week from now he is getting hitched once more."


The doctor said, "At 106 years, why on earth would your grandfather want to get married?"

His patient looked up at the doctor and said, "Did I say he wanted to?"

Blue and silver stethoscope. | Photo: Pexels


Here’s an even more hilarious story involving an elderly woman and a restaurant.

An elderly lady went to the doctor with an interesting problem she wanted some help with.

After her regular check-up, in which everything checked out fine, the lady pulled the doctor to the side and said, “Doctor, I haven’t had sex for years now and I was wondering how I can increase my husband’s sex drive.”

Smiling, the doctor said, “Have you tried to give him Viagra?”

Elderly woman near group of people | Photo: Pexels


“Doctor, I can’t even get him to take aspirin when he has a headache,” she answered, frowning.

“Well,” the doctor continued, “Let me suggest something. Crush the Viagra into a powder. When you are giving him coffee, stir it into the coffee and serve it. He won’t notice a thing.”

Delighted, the old lady left the doctor’s office quickly, ready to follow his advice. Weeks later, she returned with a disappointed face. The doctor asked her what the matter was. She simply shook her head at him.

Doctor carrying stethoscope | Photo: Pexels


“How did it go?” he asked.

“Terrible, doctor, terrible,” she replied.

“Did it not work?” he asked, worried that he had given her the wrong advice.

“Oh yes,” the old lady said, ”It worked. I did as you said and he got up and ripped his clothes off right then and there and we made mad love on the table. It was the best sex that I’d had in 25 years.”

Man taking medicine pills | Photo: Freepik

Confused, the doctor had to inquire further. “Then what is the problem, ma’am?”

“Well,” she said. “I can’t ever show my face in McDonald’s again."

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