Keke Wyatt's 10th Child Is Almost Here as She Shares New Photo of Her Big Baby Bump

Keke Wyatt's baby will be arriving soon based on photo evidence showing off her growing baby bump on social media.

Keke Wyatt is as fertile as anyone can be, and baby number ten would be arriving soon, as seen in the new photo shared to her Instagram account.

Keke Wyatt flaunting her baby bump at the Black Music Honors | Source: Getty Images

Keke Wyatt flaunting her baby bump at the Black Music Honors | Source: Getty Images

The snap showed the singer dressed in a form-fitting black dress, taking a mirror selfie, with her right hand resting protectively over her baby bump. 

In the caption, she showed her excitement about her pregnancy, writing,

"Carrying this heavy load!!! I always know when I'm almost there. My belly and my butty are equal. Lol. #bellyandbuttyfordays. Help, Lord."

Wyatt's followers reacted to the post with compliments for her radiant look. One person commented,

"Looking good period."

Another wrote, "If anybody knows you sis, goddess of fertility." While a third wrote,

"I love that you love pregnancy; you carry it so well." 

The songwriter's post reappeared on the Instagram page of The Shade Room, and it came with this caption,

"[Keke Wyatt] showing off her baby bump. It looks like the little one is almost done cooking."

The post opened a floodgate for trolls to come for the singer, and they wasted no time throwing shade at the soon-to-be mom-of-ten.

One person wrote, "I just want a relationship as strong as her uterus." Another commented,

"She has an anointing voice and an anointing uterus too." 

A third wrote that with the ease Wyatt appears to get pregnant, she would make a perfect surrogate, while a fourth joked that the singer had taken it upon herself to end population control. 

Others, however, defended the mom-of-nine, writing that they admire her love for children.

Remarkably, the R&B singer and television personality is only 37-year-old. She started having children soon after her first marriage to Rahman Morton, whom she married at 18. 

Wyatt's unborn baby is her first child with her husband, Zackariah Darring, the man she married after she divorced Michael Ford in 2017.

The singer is a devoted mother who dotes on her children, and despite this being her tenth pregnancy, she is full of strength. 

She continually appears at public events, maintains an active social media presence, and had a baby shower to celebrate her unborn child.

Wyatt is as excited about her baby as she was for her older children and can't wait to have a newborn.

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