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Daily Joke: Lawyer Cross-Examines Witness Who Refuses to Answer His Questions

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 16, 2019
07:00 P.M.
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Here's a joke about a lawyer who was questioning a witness that will make you laugh.


"Isn't it true that you were offered $500.00 to throw this case?" The lawyer inquired.

The witness didn't reply. Rather, he just gazed out of the window as if he hadn't heard the question.

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The lawyer then repeated himself, again getting the same reaction - no response.

Finally, the judge talked to the witness, "Please answer the question."

To which the witness responded, "Oh, I thought he was conversing with you."

Wooden judge gavel on table in front of a man. | Photo: Freepik


If that makes you laugh hysterically, here's a joke about the two little young men discussing their dads.

One day, two small boys were overheard chatting at the zoo.

The first boy asked, "My name is Bobby. What's yours?"

"Danny," answered the second.

Little boy running around a field. | Photo: Pexels


"My Daddy's an accountant," Bobby said proudly. He then asked, "What does your Daddy accomplish professionally?"

To which Danny replied, "My Daddy is a lawyer."

"Honest?" Bobby asked.

"No, simply the standard kind," answered Danny.

Little boy running outside. | Photo: Pexels


Here's a bonus joke, this time about a penny-pincher who requested to be alone with his lawyer, doctor, and priest.

The city miser was on his death bed. As his last request, he asked to be alone with his lawyer, doctor, and priest.

"I know I am going to die," he said. "And I might want to take my cash with me, so I am going to give every one of you $150,000, and I want you to each ensure the money gets in the coffin."

A couple of days after the burial service, the priest decided to confide to the lawyer and the doctor that he just put $100,000 back.

Old man in bed | Photo: Freepik


"I'm happy you brought it up," the doctor said. "Since I have likewise been feeling regretful, I just put $80,000 back."

The lawyer chimed in, "You two ought to be embarrassed about yourselves. Taking cash that way, am I the only honest person here? Here look at this," he said, pulling out his checkbook, "look I wrote out a check for the full $150,000!"

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