‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Want Rollins and Carisi to ‘Just Kiss Already’ after the Latest Episode

“Law & Order: SVU” fans had some mixed reactions about the series latest episode and its storyline. However, most people seem to agree on something: Rolling and Carisi should definitely end up together.

Season 21, Episode 8 of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” saw detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) going undercover to find a suspect who is drugging and assaulting young girls. Coincidentally, the suspect was once Rollins’ professor.

Meanwhile, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) helps the victims sort out their memories from their hallucinations.

The episode, titled “We Dream of Machine Elves,” starts with Megan, a young tourist, trying to find her way in the city.

Another lady offers to help her, and soon after, she’s being drugged and wakes up tied to a bed with a CPAP mask before she starts hallucinating. Later, a group of people makes her begin digging a grave, but she manages to escape.

At the hospital hours later, Megan tries to make sense of what she lived while talking to detectives, but she has a hard time separating her hallucinations from reality.

A toxicology report reveals Meghan had several drugs, including DMT and ketamine, in her system, and her story matches that of another young woman admitted into the psych ward weeks earlier.

Both women also show signs of being sexually assaulted.

A third victim shows up with the same signs, and Benson and Rollins take her around the city to try and identify the places she had been the night of her assault. They end up at a building where a therapist named Julius Adler (Adam Arkin) lives.

Rollins knows Adler as a successful and smart therapist and college professor, so she doubts he’s their suspect.

Still, Rollins shows up at one of Adler’s lectures the next day and gets invited to a more intimate study session at his home that night.

She goes undercover as the rest of the team stays close, and when her camera goes off after she’s offered some drugs, they burst in.

They take Adler to interrogation, and he tries to manipulate Rollins, who still has doubts about him being guilty.

Benson is sure he’s their man and later finds out he had been married, but his wife is nowhere to be found, and his daughter believes he’s some kind of “savior.” They late found the wife in a psych ward, although the daughter believed she was dead.

Rollins then speaks with Adler alone, and he says he did everything in the name of science by trying to help young women who had been assaulted in their childhood to change their perception of the abuse.

He has a mental break down after hearing Rollins say that her boss was behind the glass in the room, and Benson believes it’s all a ruse.

Later, Rollins shows up at Carisi’s office (Peter Scanavino) and tells him Adler hasn’t eaten, slept or talked for three days and that she doesn’t believe it’s all an act. Carisi says he’s arraigning him anyway.

The pair share an intense moment when Carisi asks Rollins what was her deal with Adler.

She explains that when she was young, there was a time when she was lost, and she almost followed Adler because she looked up to him. “You dodged a bullet,” Carisi tells her.

Fans of the show were quick to react to the episode on social media, and while most of them believe it was a great one that showed how much Rollins has grown in her detective role, others believe the writing wasn’t that good.

However, most people agree on one thing: there has been a growing tension between Rollins and Carisi that only intensified after he left the SVU to become a District Attorney.

Rollins has admitted already that she misses Carisi, and even Benson ha pointed out the evident tension between the two, so fans are desperate for the pair to do something about it.

If it happens, “Rollisi” will be the first couple in the SVU after a while, considering how Benson’s romantic interests never last.

Read some fans’ reactions below:

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