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Gisele Bündchen Shares Side-By-Side Photo of Herself as a Child & Daughter Vivian and They Look like Twins

Tichafa Chidzonga
Nov 21, 2019
07:00 P.M.
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Proving that her daughter inherited her famous looks, Gisele Bundchen shares a throwback picture, side-by-side with a recent picture of her daughter, Vivian Brady, looking just likes twins.


Gisele Bundchen had many fans thinking they were seeing double after posting a rare picture from her childhood, alongside a picture of her seven-year-old daughter, she captions the image saying:

"Thank you @giselebundchenonline for doing this. Do you guys think my baby girl and I look alike? ? "


The picture, which was reposted from a fan page shows both mother a daughter looking uncanny, with curly blonde locks styled similarly in messy pony.

Both smiling directly at the camera, it is apparent that Vivian Lake Brady inherited her mother's deep pink lips.


Former fashion model, Jill Vedder responds to Gisele's question about whether people think her and Vivian look alike and remarks:

"Ahhhhh Vivi!! You two are exactly alike !! Those genes are strong ?????!!!"


Another fan who can't quite decide which of her famous parents Vivian looks like in the picture, and says:

"Wow twins ? she’s so beautiful and a total hybrid of you & your hubby!"


The cropped photo of Vivian, almost looks like a perfectly planned recreation, as both girls are pictured holding onto a toy.

On the left a young Gisele is shown holding up her pink cabbage patch doll to her face. While her seven-year-old daughter holds a furry pink teddy bear to her chest.


Gisele and her husband, Tom Brady have two children together, Vivian and Benjamin Rein Brady. Tom also has a son, John "Jack" Edward Thomas, from a previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

Her husband comments on the picture showing admiration for the two "girls" in his life and adds large heart emoji's for emphasis.

Tom Brady comments on a throwback picture of Gisele looking just the their daughter, Vivian Lake Brady | Source: instagram.com/gisele


The football legend admits that his daughter has him wrapped around her finger. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight he explains their bond saying:

"That little girl owns my day -- owns my life. [I] cannot say no to anything. Whatever she tells her dad to do, that's what I do. That's just the way it goes."

In October Gisele shared a similar side-side picture with her own mother, Vania Nonnenmacher, from when they were both younger.

Clearly showing how her beauty was passed down generations, many fans commented that Gisele looks just like her mother, inheriting everything from her curly hair to piercing blues eyes.