November 24, 2019

Jeannie Mai's Ex-Husband Freddy Harteis & Girlfriend Linsey Toole Welcome Son Huck Just 12 Months after Giving Birth to Daughter Emmie

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"My life is forever changed," wrote Freddy Harteis as he announced the arrival of his second child with his girlfriend, just twelve months after their eldest was born. The former husband of Jeannie Mai had always wanted kids but Mai didn't. 

Jeannie Mai’s ex-husband, Freddy Harteis isn’t wasting any time expanding his family. He just welcomed a son, his second child in a span of one year. 

“Our little Christmas gift turned out be our thanksgiving turkey.”



Harteis came straight out of a childless marriage with Mai to start a family with his girlfriend, Linsey Toole in a blink of an eye. He and Mai announced their separation in October 2017. Six months later, he revealed his girlfriend, Toole was pregnant with their first child

Harteis and Toole welcomed their daughter, Emersyn Rose in October 2018. Exactly 12 months and 23 days later according to Toole, Huck Fredrick Harteis was born.



The proud parents who announced their engagement in March each shared precious photos of their brand new baby to announce his arrival. Harteis featured a clip of Huck meeting his sister for the first time and wrote,

“The moment Miss Emmie Rose realized she was a big sister. I am so thankful for these two special souls. Thank you God for trusting us with them. My life is forever changed.”

Harteis must be thrilled with the new addition to his family considering his previous marriage to Mai deprived him of children. 


Meanwhile, Toole shared two consecutive posts to announce Huck’s arrival. She provided details about her son’s birth including his full name, weight (5lbs 14.9oz), length (17 1/2 inches) and exact date of birth (November 17 at 11:34 pm) in her first post. Toole also revealed Huck was born four weeks early but assured he was both “Healthy and Handsome.” 

The series of photos she shared was of the tiny boy wrapped in his blanket designed with chicks. He was peacefully sleeping while hanging on to his mother’s finger. 

“Our little Christmas gift turned out be our thanksgiving turkey,” the mom-of-two wrote of his early arrival. 



Toole’s second post was a collage of two photos featuring Huck in one and his sister when she was his age in another. Both were dressed in the same orange and white pumpkin outfit. Toole revealed that Emersyn was six days old when she wore the ensemble which Huck was wearing at one-day-old. We’re certain Huck will be wearing more of his sister’s hand-me-downs in the days to come.


Harteis must be thrilled with the new addition to his family considering his previous marriage to Mai deprived him of children. One of the reasons the couple split was their difference in opinion about having kids. Harteis wanted them while Mai didn’t. 


The pair separated amicably at first realizing their marriage wasn’t going to work but when divorce proceedings took off, Mai expressed regrets. She confessed she saw a different side of Harteis during the proceedings which made her realize she didn’t know the man she married. She also admitted she wouldn’t have married him knowing what she knew now. 


Jeannie Mai at the 32nd Annual Imagen Awards in August 2017. | Photo: Getty Images

Mai’s stress stemmed from their divorce settlement that required her to pay him from her earnings. 


“I was married to someone who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner and we lived in California — a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings,” she told her co-hosts on “The Real” in March. 

In response to her claims, Toole lashed out at Mai accusing her of lying and making everything about herself while spinning drama. She vowed to expose Mai if she continued to tear down Harteis and speak of them.