Abandoned Missouri Puppy with Second Tail Growing between His Eyes Rescued by Mac's Mission

A ten-week-old Narwhal, a puppy with second tail growing between his eyes, was rescued by a Missouri non-profit organization, Mac's Mission earlier this month. 

"Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn," or Narwhal for short, was left astray on the streets in the freezing weather before being rescued by the dog shelter. 

The young pup showed signs of what appeared to be frostbite on one paw because of the frigid outdoors. Fortunately, the "magical" puppy has recovered and seems happy in his new home. 


The furry "unicorn" has garnered quite a fanbase, according to Rochelle Steffen, founder of Mac's Mission. Steffen talked to Evening Standard about how the dog is popular amongst the volunteers. 

"Everybody wants to see him. I've had so many volunteers have come over and said 'hey, can we play with Narwhal?' And it's now become the thing to take selfies with him because he's just so cute."

The dog rescue, Mac's Mission, specializes in adopting and helping "janky" animals that would otherwise not "get a chance anywhere else."


Unlike the whale Narwhal was named after, the tail sprouting between its eyes is short and stubby and falls to either side of his face while playing. 

Narwhal still has a normal tail that it wags while playing, but the "unicorn" tail does not function as a normal tail. Even so, after visiting the vet earlier this month, Narwal was given a clean bill of health.

As recently revealed, the cute facial appendage has no bone structure. Hence, Narwal cannot control it as he would with the normal tail. 


Mac's Mission discovered Narwhal with another dog from rural Missouri in the Midwest. The rescue assumes that the older dog is Narwhal's father.

The older dog has been named Poppa smurf, and he is a Daschund Terrier mix, so Narwhal may have some Daschund in him as well.

Although it is unclear what the father-son duo faced before they were adopted, as of now, both of them are in the care of Mac's Mission. With the massive fan following that has gathered online, Mac's Mission has already received over 50 applications for adopting him. 


However, a spokesperson told "CNN" that the furry unicorn will be listed for adoption after he's a little older and has received the necessary vaccinations. 

Also, the shelter wants to observe the "unicorn" tail for some more time to ensure that it does not cause a problem to Narwal as he grows. 

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