Damon Dash Continues to Lash out at Lawyers Involved in Lawsuit about 'Dear Frank' Movie after His Deposition

Damon Dash was chastised by the court for making fun of the plaintiff's attorney, Christopher Brown.

Damon Dash's legal woes seem unending. He is now embroiled in a third civil suit, and his behavior during a recent deposition saw him sanctioned.

The deposition was regarding a suit laid against him over the movie, "Dear Frank," which he is accused of "stealing."

Dash has been ranting about lawyers, and the beleaguered producer is now facing two legal teams.

Producer and Roc Nation co-founder Damon Dash/ Source: Getty Images

Producer and Roc Nation co-founder Damon Dash/ Source: Getty Images


Some strange karma seems to have overtaken Dash, who is simultaneously dealing with three complicated legal issues at the same time.

The latest debacle saw Dash sanctioned by the court after he addressed a lawyer who was deposing him in offensive terms, denigrating the man's intelligence and appearance. 


Christopher Brown, the lawyer deposing Dash on behalf of the production company and director of the film “Dear Frank” was grilling him, and he responded aggressively and with threats and offensive language. He threatened

“I’mma ruin you as a lawyer, you’ll never be a lawyer again… I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself.” 

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TSR: @theworldaccordingtoeric _____________________ #Roommates, there’s nothing worse than coming into money just to have it snatched right back out of your hands. ———————————— Well, this may be the case for “Roc-A-Fella” co-founder, Damon Dash. In case you haven’t been following this story, Dash filed a lawsuit back in 2018 against “Empire” & “Star” creator, Lee Daniels, after alleging that Daniels owed him a nice chunk of change from an investment deal ($5 million to be exact). ——————————— Since then, the settlement between the two men has been handled, but Daniels nor Dame are in the clear just yet. According to legal documents obtained by @TMZ_tv, #CindyMorales & #RachelRoy, are allegedly suing Daniels for $1 million of Dash’s settlement money. ———————————— According to TMZ, Dash’s ex-wife and mother of his two children, Rachel Roy, claims he owes her $826,166.88 in back child support and other expenses. While Morales, the mother of Dash’s son claims he owes her $244,721.43. ———————————- Both women allege that Dash has paid them less than $5 in child support thus far in 2019 even though his $5 million settlement ended in 2018. There are currently warrants out for Dame’s arrest over the unresolved child support payments, but he says he has plans to deal with them head-on. There has been no word from Daniels as of yet. (📸: @gettyimages)

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The court judged Dash's behavior as highly inappropriate and was ordered to pay the expenses incurred by the opposing side during the deposition. Especially offensive, the court ruled, were Dash's remarks on Brown's appearance.

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@tmz_tv catching me after court... keep watching

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Dash has been ranting about lawyers, and the beleaguered producer is now facing two legal teams.

Brown, who is pressing the "Dear Frank" lawsuit, and Donald Suarez, who is representing the mothers of his children, ex-wife and fashion designer Rachel Roy and ex-girlfriend Cindy Morales. He said bitterly:

"It's all about business. It's about these lawyers, they try to manipulate things and they don't care if they ruin your life."

The two women have been pressing Dash since he won a $5 million settlement in a third lawsuit against Lee Daniels over the hit show, "Empire."


Damon Dash walked into a Manhattan courtroom to pay close to $400,000 in child support he owed to his two baby mamas and was arrested when he tried to leave for the Bronx courthouse.

He was surrounded by 7 deputies and handcuffed. Sheriff Joseph Fucito said:

“We’ve been looking to arrest him since 2015.”

Dash was taken to the Bronx by the officers, where he paid what he owed since 2015 - a hefty sum - and was henceforth released.

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