Savannah Guthrie Was Once Married to Mark Orchard - Meet Her 1st Husband 10 Years after Their Divorce

Popular mainly for being the former husband of beloved TV presenter, Savannah Guthrie, Mark Orchard has maintained a relatively low-profile life following their divorce.

Mark Orchard and Savannah Guthrie were once a loving couple who met for the first time during the coverage of Michael Jackson's molestation trial. 

After dating for just a few months, Guthrie and Orchard decided to get married in 2005. However, their marriage turned out to be a short-lived one as they got divorced later in January 2009.



Their union only lasted for a short time of four years. There have been no confirmed reports regarding the real reason for the dispute between the couple as both of them have chosen to not make their affairs private.

However, during an interview, Guthrie got emotional and teared up when she was asked about her divorce. She simply refused to give any comments on the matter.

Savannah Guthrie at Advertising Week 2015 AWXII on September 30, 2015. | Source: Getty Images

Savannah Guthrie at Advertising Week 2015 AWXII on September 30, 2015. | Source: Getty Images


Orchard, who was once a member of the White House press corps during the first term of George W. Bush, has all but distanced himself from the public limelight. 

Ten years after his separation with Guthrie, there is not much news regarding Orchard's personal life. However, he still remains active in journalism. 

Meanwhile, following their 2009 divorce, Guthrie went on to date a man named Michael Feldman. After a few years of relationship, Feldman finally proposed Guthrie and the pair got engaged in 2013. She revealed the details of the proposal in an episode of "Today" show.

"He actually got on one knee and I still thought we were just talking. Really, honestly. And then, he brought out the box and then I didn’t open it for a long time cause I was just overcome."


A year later, in March 2014, they finally tied the knot. She kept their nuptials a secret before finally announcing it on her "Today" show, and adding to the good news by revealing that she was pregnant as well.

"I — well, we — are four months pregnant. We are so excited, overjoyed and feel so blessed." 

Guthrie has remained one of the major hosts of the "Today" show ever since she replaced Ann Curry in 2012.

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