Man Roasted for Naming Newborn after His 12-Year-Old Son from a Previous Relationship

A user posted in the "Am I The [Expletive]" AITA forum of Reddit inquiring if he was in the wrong for naming his newborn after his 12-year-old son from a previous relationship. 

A user took to Reddit to seek the knowledge of other netizens for a personal matter. The user "aitathrowawaydad101," posted about the birth of his son and the process of naming him. 

He mentioned in his post that he was previously in a commitment with another person and shared a son. The boy had turned 12 not too long ago according to the user. 


The user used an alias, "Joseph," and began his conundrum. The user wrote how he fathered a child with another woman over a decade ago but is no longer in their lives. 

He mentioned that living in another state made it difficult for him to visit them, but he was paying child support for the young boy and sent cards to him.

A picture of someone lighting the candles on a birthday cake. | Source: Unsplash

A picture of someone lighting the candles on a birthday cake. | Source: Unsplash


The user wrote about how he got married and fathered another child with his current wife. When the couple was discussing the names for the child, the user brought up his 12-year-old. 

"The wifey and I were discussing names, and I brought up what my previous son was named. She loved the name, so we decided to name our new baby Joseph as well."

A couple holding a newborn. | Source: Unsplash

A couple holding a newborn. | Source: Unsplash

Having two sons going by the same name might have been weird, but since the user was not in contact with his other family, the decision was made final.


What got the user's post in the AITA forum was his decision to tell his 12-year-old about his newborn half brother. He called the tyke on his birthday and said to him that he has a brother, and had the same name. 

Although he admitted that the boy was not as excited to receive the information as he thought, the backlash followed after his ex-wife called.


The little boy talked to his mother about the newborn and how he shared a name with the baby, and she was not thrilled about it.

 She called the user and gave him an earful about how that was a really bad move to make and, "blah blah." He concluded the post with the question "Am I The [Explicit] for naming my newborn after my 12-year-old?"


From the looks of it, the netizens on Reddit were not happy with the user's tone, his attitude, or his entire post for that matter. Most of the comments were in favor of the user being the [expletive.]

The comments focused on how the user was deeply wrong for naming his newborn after his 12-year-old. To top the matter off, the one posting or OP referred to him as his "previous son."


The comments suggested that OP was a lousy parent for naming his child after his "previous one," and giving him the news on his birthday of all other days. 

The users focused on how the young boy would feel after he learned about his father, who rarely visited him and a new baby who has the same name. Here's another story about a woman who chose not to help her ex after she cheated on her. 

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