Woman Sparks Debate after Kicking Partner's Dog out of the House Because He Kept Waking up 3-Month-Old Baby

The netizens of Reddit witnessed a conflict regarding a pet on its "Am I The [Expletive]" forum. The users voiced their opinion, and the verdict is clear. 

On November 28, a user by the name "Yorikota" took to Reddit and posted a query regarding a dog and her infant. She inquired if she was the [Expletive] for kicking the dog out of her studio apartment. 

The user, better known as OP on the forum revealed that she met her current partner when he owned his dog, Max. She added that the dog is currently ten-years-old. 


OP revealed in her post that she had a baby with her partner a few months ago. She mentioned how the dog is becoming a problem for the baby as it keeps waking it up. 

"She fell asleep 3x but Max keeps waking her up with random noises (barking, scratching his plastic bed/pillow, whining). The 3rd time the baby woke up, she let out a horrible scream and was inconsolable."

OP then wrote about how she dragged the dog out with its plastic bed, pillow, a fleece blanket, treats, water, and left him there. She also wrote how it was 9 degrees outside. 


OP's partner came home a couple of hours after she kicked the dog out. She wrote how her partner lost his mind. She mentioned how Max was an elderly dog and needed to stay indoors. 

A dog sitting on the sofa indoors. | Source: Unsplash

A dog sitting on the sofa indoors. | Source: Unsplash

"What else was I supposed to do in the state I was in. Also, he wasn't there, no one was helping me deal with the crying and screaming and barking and whining."

She finished the query asking if she was the [Expletive] but made an edit to the post clarifying why she had a senior dog and a baby in the same apartment. 

A cramped apartment building. | Source: Unsplash

A cramped apartment building. | Source: Unsplash


OP clarified that the housing prices were very high where she lived, and the apartment she was living in was the best they could have gotten for the price. 

She also mentioned that moving fifty kilometers away to a cheaper place for the sake of the dog would be absurd. Her post also mentioned how the prices of real estate had doubled in the past two years.

The post was made, and the AITA connoisseurs placed their opinions. Some users mentioned that OP was the [Expletive] for putting the dog outside, but some other users supported her. 


Some netizens claimed that nine degrees should not be a problem for a dog. They even gave some examples of their pets. However, the focus soon shifted from OP to her partner. 

A man standing beside a dog. | Source: Unsplash

A man standing beside a dog. | Source: Unsplash

The users wrote ho OP's partner should train the dog to behave near a baby as choosing the dog or the baby would be difficult. 

The users also focused on how taking the dog out was the right thing to do as it may have been asking to be sent outside with its highly energetic and unruly behavior. 

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