NCIS: LA Fans Were in a Panic over Deeks' Life after He Was Stuck in Room with a Bomb in the Latest Episode

Comfort Omovre
Dec 04, 2019
09:30 P.M.
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"NCIS: Los Angeles" ushered fans into the yuletide month with a thriller episode of the CBS series that played a heart trick on fans as they were left worried over Deek's life throughout the hour-long episode.


This week's episode of "NCIS: LA" brought along another series of intense adventures as the characters struggled to overcome various pitfalls, and stay alive.


The 250th episode of the CBS series, titled "Brought," ran viewers through a revenge plot against Hetty, played by Linda Hunt, by a former recruit, Akhos.

A dive into Hetty's backstory revealed that the agent recruited Akhos when he was young, and trained him to become a black-ops agent, but the former recruit embraced a life of crime, which spelled disaster for him. 

Years later, he blames Hetty for his misfortune and shows up to take his revenge, which puts the rest of the team in danger.


The adventure-filled plot had a little play on Deek and Kensi's love story as the former ended up trapped in a room with a ticking time bomb, while his new wife, Kensi, moved rocks to get him out.

All hopes for Deek's survival got crushed when the beloved agent stopped his wife's attempts to save him and delivered his heartfelt farewell speech to her, leaving viewers in a fit of panic.


Deek's near-death encounter left fans of the show worried about the fate of the fan-favorite agent, especially as he was yet to enjoy his dream family with his new wife.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their fears, while hoping for Deek's eventual safety. One viewer tweeted:

"I will sell my family to make sure Deeks is safe."


Another fan wrote:

"I'm not liking this. I'm not ok. What are you guys trying to do, kill us?"

Some other viewers were more direct with their disapproval, as they voiced out warning to the showrunners, in an attempt to save their favorite cast. One wrote:



Another noted:

"I'm still reeling from the death of Christopher LaSalle from NCISNOLA. I can't process the death of anyone else right now!"

Gratefully, Deeks emerged from the turmoil unscathed, while the rogue agent wound up dead following a confrontation with Hetty. 

The final phase of the episode previewed a conversation between Callen and the longtime serving agent, Hetty, which drew pointers towards Hetty's probable retirement, and possibly, replacement, which brought up speculations that the series might be hitting an end soon.

Linda Hunt (Henrietta "Hetty" Lange) on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles | Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this year, "NCIS: LA" celebrated the grand success of the CBS show with a party graced by cast and crew members, most of whom expressed their gratitude for being privileged to be part of the series.

It's not sure what to expect next from the series, but certainly, viewers are not remotely prepared to say goodbye to their favorite on-screen characters.