December 12, 2019

Daily Joke: Little Johnny and His Friend Argue about Whose Grandpa Is Better

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Young Johnny and his buddy tried to prove to each other, the person who has the most amazing grandpa.  

Johnny and his friend both engaged in an argument, stating bluntly the things each of their grandpas does that makes him cool. Johnny proudly told his friend that his granddad knows his whereabouts without enlisting the help of a walking stick.

A grandpa and grandchild pictured smiling during an event | Photo: Getty Images


His pal hurriedly responded, saying his granddad can handle an automobile on the road. In an attempt to outdo his friend, little Johnny said:

"oh yeah? Well, my grandpa doesn't even use glasses."

His astonished friend blurted out his unbelief, he said, "that's not true." Little did he know that Johnny was not done proving his grandad's awesomeness. The latter then replied angrily:

"Yes, it is! He drinks straight from the bottle!"

A grandfather and his grandson pictured having fun on a field | Photo: Getty Images


While grandpas can be super amazing, and their grandchildren take out time to notice what they do, dads can be well behaved, too, thus setting a standard for their kids.

This next joke tells the tale of a father who decided to treat his five children to a fair. The family all went to the local fair, and luckily for their dad, he won a toy and planned on giving it to the most respectable and well-mannered child among the five.

Young kids pictured in a roller coaster with built-in bathtubs filled with hot spring-water bubbles | Photo: Getty Images


But first, he called them together as he wanted them to make a choice. So he asked:

"Who is the most obedient? Who never talks back to mummy? Who does everything she says?"

After his kids pondered on whom the most eligible individual might be, they chorused:

"Okay, Dad. You can have the toy."

Young children pictured having fun in a drop tower in the Sochi Park amusement park. | Photo: Getty Images

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