John Legend's Daughter Luna Poses with Professional Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland in Adorable Photo

Jaimie-lee Prince
Dec 17, 2019
01:00 P.M.
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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter may be heading down a totally different career path from her parents.' The little girl has the ballerina bug. 


Luna Simone Stephens got the best treat this weekend when she went to see Misty Copeland at a Broadway performance of "The Nutcracker." The three-year-old dressed the part as she stepped out. 

Mom Teigen revealed that Luna wouldn't wear anything else to go to the show in a post she shared ahead of the event. Legend also took to Instagram to show Luna meeting her idol. The posts are found below. 


Luna looks pretty in pink

Ahead of her R&B singer husband, Teigen shared a photo of Luna before she went to see "The Nutcracker" on Sunday night. Luna wore a pastel pink spaghetti string top with a matching tutu. 

Her legs were covered in stockings, and she had on a pair of ballerina shoes. She wore her hair in a sleek bun and accessorized with a pink scrunchie. 


She poses like a ballerina

In the first shot, Luna had one leg up as she looked towards the camera. The second showed her doing a classic ballerina pose as she raised both arms over her head and had one leg raised. 

Teigen captioned the shots: 

"heading to see @mistyonpointe in the nutcracker! won't wear anything else I tried."

The preparation was well-needed as Luna ended up meeting Copeland herself. The professional dancer did a cute photo with her fan in which both of them covered their mouths using their hands.


Legend and Luna dance with Misty

Legend, 40, held Luna as he took the adorable shot. He thanked Copeland in the caption and added: "Luna was mesmerized and completely starstruck!"

Later, Teigen shared a short clip on Twitter of the father-daughter duo attempting a very short dance piece. Luna and her dad ran one way while Copeland ran the other way. 


Luna prefers Ariana Grande over her dad

It's no surprise that Luna was starstruck despite her parents being huge celebrities. Legend revealed that his daughter is not nearly his biggest fan — she prefers Ariana Grande. 

Back in May, Legend tweeted out how his daughter told him he's not a great singer while comparing him to Grande. Thankfully, Legend doesn't have to feel too bad as Luna listens to his Christmas album. 


Luna's hilarious letter to Santa

The little one is a big Chrismas fan, as proven last week when she read out the funniest letter to Santa regarding the present she wants. Teigen posted the clip on Instagram. 

In the video, Luna has a paper in front of her and is taking a sharpie to it. To us, it looks like she's drawing scribbles, but to the little girl, she's making a very specific order for Christmas. 

"Dear Santa," she began. Roughly translated, she continues, "Give me a ballet dancer [so I can] sleep with her every day. Love, Luna Stephens every night." 


Legend and Teigen also share son, Miles Stephen, who is one year old. We wonder if he went along to see "The Nutcracker" with his older sister. He would have looked the cutest in some ballerino garb.