Georgia Cracker Barrel Waitress Janet Ballard Receives $1,200 Tip in a Christmas Card

Janet Ballard, who has been with Cracker Barrel for over a decade, received $1,200 tip in a Christmas card with scripture written in it.

James Deal and his companions went to Cracker Barrel in Dublin, Georgia, recently aiming to change Ballard's life.

"What a wonderful day with friends as we celebrate our 1st Annual 100 dollar breakfast," he shared on Facebook. "We all gave our waitress Janet a $1200.00 tip. May God have the Glory for all that is done in his name. Merry Christmas Janet!!!!"

Ballard has been with the Tennessee-based chain for 12 years, as reported by 13wmaz.

She was enjoying a typical day at work when she was assigned a table of 12 for lunch.

When Deal and his friends finished their meal, they decided to give her an unbelievable blessing. 

In an interview with TODAY Food, Ballard said:

"I connected with them immediately. I'm a people person. I start with greeting them and finding out what needs they have, if they have allergies or whether they're vegan."

Everything that they need or want, she tries to focus on those things when she's taking that individual order, Ballard added.

In any case, it wasn't only her extraordinary service that urged Deal and his friends to each contribute $100 to her tip.

They felt a bountiful blessing was the right thing to do, particularly around the special seasons. 

Ballard said her prayers were answered, as she needed cash to help settle her taxes.

Ballard said that Deal and his companions held up until the end of the meal and afterward gave her a Christmas card. She was stunned to discover it filled with money. 

Ballard was overwhelmed with emotions. She doesn't really like to cry with a camera in her face, but at the time, she didn't give it a second thought. 

Ballard said her prayers were answered, as she needed cash to help settle her taxes.

She was likewise able to make her car payment early, which increased her credit score.

Ballard didn't spare a moment to show preemptive kindness. She went out for a seafood lunch, where she gave her server with a large tip as well after leaving work.

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