Daily Joke: A Teacher Asked Her Class What They Knew about Whales

Pedro Marrero
Dec 26, 2019
10:00 P.M.
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Children sometimes know too well how to make an adult lose his or her temper, and coming from a third party, it can result in very hilarious exchanges.


As an adult, and especially if one is a teacher of small children, one has to be wise enough to pick one’s battles, since every child’s head is an individual universe fed with the particular ideas and values of his or her household.

The teacher in this story might have science on her side (we are going to trust her on this one, since we really don’t know that much about a whale’s anatomy), but she didn’t have the strength of character to win the challenge.  

Chalk. I Image: Pixabay.


Without further introduction, let’s enjoy this joke, brought to us by StartsAt60, about a battle between science and faith, won by attitude.


One day, an elementary school teacher wanted to test her class about their knowledge of whales. The first girl that raised her hand to give an answer, told the story of Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale according to the Bible.

The teacher kindly told the student that it probably wasn’t like the story says, since, as big as whales can be, their throats wouldn’t fit a man through it to be able to swallow him.


Children at school. I Image: Pixabay.

The little girl wasn’t convinced at all about the teacher’s explanation, and maintained that a whale had in fact swallowed Jonah. Starting to lose her patience, the teacher insisted about the anatomical detail of the whale’s throat.


The little girl considered the conversation finished, since she wouldn’t trust her teacher in this matter and the teacher wasn’t going to give up, so the stubborn student said that she was going to ask Jonah herself when she got to heaven.

Out of frustration, the teacher asked the girl, “But what if Jonah went to hell?” to which the girl, without losing her cool one bit, replied, “Then you ask him.”

Whale. I Image: Pixabay.



If biology didn’t do the trick for the teacher in the joke above, logics was also a double-edged sword for the teacher in the following joke

A daring teacher had the futile idea of trying to prove to his elementary school students that God didn’t exist, and he picked a boy named Adam as the subject of his dubious experiment of “seeing is believing.

”The teacher asked 6-year-old Adam about what he could see as a way to demonstrate that you can only give credit to what is in front of your eyes.

Children at school. I Image: Pixabay.


He asked Adam if he could see a tree outside the window, if he could see the lawn around the tree, and so, to which the child always answered affirmatively, until the teacher asked him if he could see God up in the sky. 

When Adam said that he didn’t, the satisfied teacher said, “Exactly. We can’t see God, because he’s not there. He simply doesn’t exist.” But that certainly wasn’t the end of it, for another student named Felicia raised her hand to make a question.

After being given permission to speak, Felicia started to question Adam in the same fashion as the teacher just had, but then kept asking until they came to the subject of the teacher, Miss Smith.


Sky. I Image: Pixabay.

“Adam, can you see miss Smith?” Felicia asked, to which Adam, nearly bored, also said yes, but then, finally getting to the point she wanted to make, the clever girl asked, “And can you see her brain?”

Interested again, Adam rushed to say “no,” prompting Felicia to conclude: “Okay, so, according to what we’ve been taught today, miss Smith doesn’t have a brain!”