January 12, 2020

Tim Considine's Life after 'My Three Sons' Ended

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Movie star Tim Considine who played the role of the eldest son in the 60s classic sitcom "My Three Sons," has been behind the scenes since leaving the show.

Tim Considine was a teen actor who graced TV screens in the 60s. The actor was born into an artistic family and soon took to acting at the tender age of 11 which led to his many notable features to date. 

Notable of mention is his part in the classic '60s sitcom "My Three Sons." The show, which ran for 12 years, chronicled the life of a widower, Steven Douglas, as he raised his three sons.

Fred MacMurray, William Frawley, Tim Considine and Don Grady, on the set of "My Three Sons"| Photo: Getty Images


On the well-acclaimed show, the then teen actor played the role of Mike Douglas, the eldest son of widower Steve Douglas. Tim was on the show for five seasons between 1960-1965. 

The actor who was then in his early twenties wrote a teleplay that was adopted on the show. He piqued interest in directing during his time on the show and did so in some individual scenes.

He, however, refused to sign the contract for a new season when producer Don Fedderson declined to let him do more directing.  According to Bommermagazine, Considine said,

"It was no longer a challenge … I wanted to do other things."


Tim Considine on the set of the show, "My Three Sons" on November 25, 1977. | Photo: Getty Images

The last episode in which the actor featured on the sitcom saw him getting married to actress Meredith MacRae, who played Sally, his onscreen fiancee.


That episode saw the screening out of the two characters. The relationship between the duo wasn't limited to the screens as they nursed a relationship off-screen. 

Before going on board the "My Three Sons," actor was called up into the US Air Force for service, but the TV star deferred his drafting. He, however, completed his service to the military in 1962.

Tim Considine on the set of "MY THREE SONS" on JULY 17 | Photo: Getty Images


A few years after leaving the show, in 1970, the actor featured in his most notable but brief role (a bedridden soldier) in the movie "Patton." The film was about veteran war soldier George Patton.

The TV star continued to feature in movies and TV, but his career on the screen took a downturn from the 70s. The actor who had, however, graced the screens since childhood had this to say about being in the public eye at a tender age. 

"It was generally a pretty good experience for me. What I missed, I'm sure I missed, but I'm not too unhappy about what I did."

Tim Considine and Meredith MacRae who portrayed sally on the show 'My Three Son's" | Photo: Wikipdia


Away from film and TV, the actor took to books, writing, photography, and journalism. He published his first book "The Photographic Dictionary of Soccer" in 1979 and has since written several others, including the award-winning "American Grand Prix Racing: A Century of Drivers and Cars."

The actor's love for photography, art, sport, and a previous photography gig with The National Hockey team earned him a tour of the world with soccer legend Pelé.

Tim Considine at Walt Disney Studios on June 24, 2013 in Burbank, California | Photo: Getty Images

Considine married for the first time in 1970 to his heartthrob Charlotte Stewart. The marriage, however, hit the rocks two years after. The actor remarried Willette Hunt in 1979 and has since remained with her.