January 15, 2020

Daily Joke: Man Tries to Reason with Traffic Officer Who's Writing a Parking Ticket

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A shopper who spent a few minutes in a store, came out only to find a parking officer serving a ticket for overrunning the meter.

The shopper reacted, saying, "Come on, how about giving the man a break." With total concentration, the officer focused his gaze on writing the ticket, which made the man angry.

A speed Camera.| Photo: Getty Images.


This led him to lash out at the traffic officer, and he referred to him as a "pencil-pushing idiot." Infuriated, the officer proceeded to write the offender a second ticket. This didn't stop the man from hurling, calling him a "pig." 

Consequently, the officer wrote another, then another, for about twenty minutes. The more the man hurled insults at him, the more he served him parking tickets.

The man seemed unbothered as he continued with his actions. Why would he? Well, because he parked his vehicle at a corner!

A traffic officer issuing a ticket | Photo: Shutterstock


Sometimes individuals who make insensitive comments get the reply they deserve. So here's another joke about a rude hairstylist whose customer responded to a few weeks later.

A woman walked into a salon to get hair done, after which she got candid with the hairstylist over a planned trip to Europe. The customer spoke about her plans for spending quality time in Rome with her husband.

The replies from the hairstylist pointed out that the choice of destination, airline, and hotel by the woman and her husband was terrible due to the poor service of the hotel, poor quality of airline staff, and poor condition of the country.


A portrait of a woman in the salon with the hairdresser washing her hair. | Photo: Pexels

Finally, the hairdresser asked the motive of their visit, and the woman said, "We're going to see the Vatican, and we hope to see the Pope." Then the hairstylist goes, "...Boy, good luck on the lousy trip of yours; you're going to need it."


A few weeks later, the same woman returned to the shop for another hair styling, and this time the nosy hairdresser asked her how the trip went. 

Professional hairstylist curling her client's hair | Photo: Shutterstock


She replied, "It was wonderful," and continued to detail the memorable events that occurred during the vacation as opposed to what the stylist predicted.

Consequently, all went well, even the visit to the Pope. The woman got a personal handshake and an ear whisper from the Pope. This got the attention of the hairstylist who asked what the Pope said. 

Hairdresser washing a woman's hair | Photo: Getty Images

The woman responds:

"He said, 'where did you get this crappy hairdo.'" 

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