Daily Joke: A Woman Was Caught by a Traffic Camera

A woman driving noticed the flash of the traffic camera and became perturbed by that because she believed she had done nothing wrong. This made her try and verify why the camera had taken her picture.

One day, a woman was driving around the block when she passed through a spot that had a traffic camera.

Immediately she went past the camera, she felt it flash on her, making her believe that her picture was taken.

A woman driving a car.| Photo: Getty Images.

A woman driving a car.| Photo: Getty Images.

Disturbed by the camera's action, the woman thought it must have taken her picture for driving above the speed limit, even though she knew she wasn’t.

To be sure the camera wasn’t making a mistake, the woman drove around the block again. When she approached that same spot, just like before, the camera flashed.

The confused woman found this amusing but still felt the camera was wrong in flashing at her.

A CCTV pointing at car.| Photo: Getty Images.

A CCTV pointing at car.| Photo: Getty Images.

So, for a third time, she went around the block again, approached the spot with even slower speed, and got the same result. She goes the fourth time again, yet the same result. 

Now laughing hard to herself, the woman, determined to prove that she was innocent, went around the block for the fifth time.

This time, she drives at a snail's pace, but again she is flashed by the traffic camera. Two weeks after, the woman received five traffic fine letters in her mailbag — all the letters fine her for driving without a seat belt. 

The camera was right, after all!

A speed Camera.| Photo: Getty Images.

A speed Camera.| Photo: Getty Images.

Here goes another rib-cracking traffic joke. 

A woman is caught over-speeding and gets pulled over by an officer. The officer told her she was speeding and asked to see her driver's license and vehicle registration papers.

The woman told the officer that she didn’t have a driver's license because she lost it four years ago for driving while drunk.

She also said she didn’t have her vehicle registration papers because she stole the car, and had kidnapped the owner and stuffed him in the trunk of the vehicle.

A policeman talking to a woman in a car.| Photo: Getty Images.

A policeman talking to a woman in a car.| Photo: Getty Images.

She asked the officer if he wanted to have a look. At that point, the officer backed away and calls for back-up. Soon after, a senior officer arrived holding a gun and began to interrogate the woman.

He asked her to step out of her car, to which she obliged. The senior officer then narrated to her what she had told the first officer. The woman looked surprised and denied the claims.

At the senior officer's orders, she opened her trunk, which was empty. She also shows the stunned and puzzled Senior Officer her car registration papers and driver's license. The senior officer cannot believe his eyes. 

A woman talking to a policeman.| Photo: Getty Images.

A woman talking to a policeman.| Photo: Getty Images.

He then says:

"Thank you Ma'am. One of my officers told me you don’t have a license, that you stole this car, and that you kidnapped and tied up the owner."

To which the woman replies: 

"I bet the lying [expletive] told you I was speeding, too."

Now there goes one smart way to escape getting a speeding ticket.

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Sources: https://startsat60.com, www.huffpost.com 

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