TMZ: Justin Bihag from 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Arrested after Lyssa Chapman Tipped off the Cops

Afouda Fortune
Jan 16, 2020
02:43 P.M.
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Former "Dog The Bounty Hunter" employee Justin Bihag was arrested after Lyssa Chapman sold him out to the cops.


Duane Chapman is knee-deep in police drama, and it's all because of his daughter, Lyssa Chapman.

Reality television personality Duane "Dog" Chapman arrives at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards at the Avalon Hollywood club September 24, 2008. | Photo: Getty Images

According to an exclusive report by TMZ, the weekend for Dog was filled with drama after his daughter got an ex-employee of the franchise, Justin Bihag, arrested.


"While it is not sure why Lyssa decided to snitch on her family, it is believed that she heard about Justin's bad behavior from a third party and decided to report it."

Bihag, who was usually known as Justin Chapman and referred to as Dog's nephew on the show, was paid a visit by the cops on Sunday in Edgewater.


Justin was reported to have been in violation of a court order to stay away from alcohol and drugs. The source of information given to the police to make the arrest is, however, what is making headlines as it was Justin's blood, Lyssa, that sold him out.

As seen in arrest reports obtained by the publication, Lyssa tipped the police off to Justin's reckless behavior and involvement with substances.


The police checked it out, and when they found out he was on probation, they proceeded to his place and found him guilty. To make things worse, Duane "Dog" got himself involved in the conversation with the police and got roped in. 

Apparently, Justin resorted to calling Duane on the phone, who tried to calm him, but that didn't lead to anywhere as the police still took him in. Justin has, however, been bonded out of jail and is being watched closely.


While it is not sure why Lyssa decided to snitch on her family, it is believed that she heard about Justin's bad behavior from a third party and decided to report it.

As noted by Daily Mail, Justin is the son of Moon Angell, the woman Duane was reported to be dating after Beth passed away. The bounty hunter defended his relationship with Moon, saying that he needed a companion as he mourned his late wife. 


However, it is believed Lyssa isn't on board with the relationship, and that could have propelled her to act against Justin. PopCulture reports that Lyssa made her opinion about Moon and her father known in a series of how-deleted tweets.

Moon was employed by Lyssa's step-mother Beth as an assistant, and the 32-year-old believes it's inappropriate for Duane to hook up with her.


Another PopCulture article recalls that Justin and Lyssa had an altercation last year when she accused him of stealing Beth's ashes. 

She took to Twitter to point fingers at him in a series of now-deleted tweets, saying Bihag had been harassing her for months.

Bihag, however, replied her denying all accusations and shaded her for spreading drunk babbles that aren't even true.