January 21, 2020

Daily Joke: Woman Tells Colleague That Her Late Husband Asked Her to Send a Pack of Cigarettes

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Exploring the spiritual side of life can be a little scary for a few couples seeking spiritual healing and a widow reaching out to her husband, the great unknown can also create some hilarious confrontations.

Delivery Instructions Unknown

A spiritualist had recently been widowed and met with a colleague to share the exciting news that she had just received a message from her dead husband, who asked her to send him a pack of cigarettes. She admitted:

"The only thing is that I don't know where to send them."


Wondering why she didn't know where to send the pack of cigarettes that friend enquired more about why she was unsure. The spiritualist said her uncertainly is because he didn't say he was in heaven, but didn't think he'd be hell. Musing over her response, the friend responded:

"Hm…well, maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but. . . he didn't mention anything about including matches in the package, did he?"


Healer Trying To Cure The Incurable 

A married couple went for a special visit to a spiritual healer with the hope of asking him to help cure their illnesses that they have dealt with for a long time. 

The healer agreed to their request, and asked them to put their hands on the part of their body they wanted him to heal that day.


The wife had dealt with a sore throat for a long time, and it wouldn't go away. So she put her hand on her throat. Looking at his wife the husband placed his hand on his crotch, questioning his hand placements the wife said:

"Honey, he said he will treat our illnesses, not raise the dead."


The Best Way To Go Out With A Bang

Three men from a local congregation were asked about death, and what they would like their friends and congregation to say about them when the stood mourning over their caskets.

Artie said he would like people to talk about how much of a wonderful husband, spiritual leader, and great family he was.

A young girl smiles as she holds her hands in together in prayer, Mexico | Source: Getty Images


Eugene responded that he wanted people to say that he was a wonderful teacher and an obedient servant of God, who made a difference in the lives of people around him. 

Al revealed that he wanted his body to be moving in the coffin because he wanted to shock people as they stared at his moving body.