December 24, 2019

Daily Joke: Three Guys Die in an Accident and Go to Heaven

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Three men die after suffering a fatal car crash. The trio goes to heaven, where it is demanded that they abide by one sole rule. 

After a car accident that instantly claimed all their lives, the men found themselves at heaven's gate, where St. Peter warmly welcomed them. 

An image of an angel in heaven | Photo: Getty Images


Quickly, they are informed they are only required to live by one rule: "Never step on the ducks." Although he didn't tell them the punishment that would come with failing the rule, St. Peter made sure to reiterate the command. 

Sure enough, when they entered heaven, ducks were milling all over the place! 

This made it near impossible to avoid stepping on one of the animals, and despite their careful attempts to do as they had been told, one of the men stepped on a duck. 

Ducks walking in grass | Photo: Getty Images


St. Peter apparitions before them with the ugliest woman the guys had ever seen. He chains the woman to the guy then loudly says, 

"Your punishment for stepping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this ugly woman!"

The next day, the second guy also accidentally steps on a duck, and once again, the angel appears with another ugly woman. 

A beautiful angel on clouds | Photo: Getty Images


Like he had done with the first man, he chains the woman to the second guy while uttering the same words as he had done with the previous man.

Sensitized by his friends' ordeal, the third man becomes extremely careful because he didn't want to be chained to an ugly woman for eternity. 

A Mallard Duckling family swim along smooth water | Photo: Getty Images


Surprisingly, he achieves avoiding the ducks for many months. Then one day, St.Peter appears with the most beautiful woman the man had ever laid eyes on.

Unlike his usual self, the angel says nothing as he chained the woman to the man before disappearing. 

The guy makes sure St. Peter had left before he excitedly wondered aloud at the reason he may have earned the chance to be chained to the woman.

Four ducks in a row at Oyster Bay, Long Island | Photo: Getty Images

The stunning woman, who almost looked intimidating, then answers, 

"I don't know about you, but I stepped on a duck."

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Source: Reddit