Woman Shares Her Adoptive Dad Is Angry Because She Wants Her Bio Dad to Walk Her down the Aisle

A woman took to Reddit to share her story of how she wants her biological dad to walk her down the aisle instead of her adoptive dad who raised her. Fellow Redditors shared their opinion on the matter in the thread. 

A Redditor who is going to get married is not sure whether her wish to let her biological dad walk her down the aisle instead of letting her adoptive dad do the honors is fair. She explained the situation to fellow Redditors through a lengthy post.   

According to the bride-to-be, her mom raised her as a single mother who had no idea who the father to her child was. She passed away when the OP was 9. 


OP's grandparents couldn't take her in because they were already raising her aunt and uncle. In the end, she was put up for adoption and luckily, she found a loving home. 

OP's adoptive parents were loving towards her, but they already had biological children of their own. OP felt like she could never be one of them and they never liked her much. 


The Redditor also mentioned that her adoptive parents would always refer to her as their adoptive daughter. She wasn't even allowed to visit her biological grandparents although she missed them a great deal. 

It wasn't until OP was 18 that her grandparents tried to contact her. On the 10th anniversary of her mother's death, she made a post about her mother and shared it on social media. 


A man who saw the post contacted her and claimed that he was her father, saying that he had no clue about her existence. According to him, OP's mom and he dated briefly but their relationship ended when he moved away for university. 

After getting a DNA test, OP found out that the man was indeed her father. The father-daughter bonded pretty well and they continue to keep in touch. OP is still in touch with her biological family as well as the adoptive family. 


According to the user, her half-sister and adoptive sister are her bridesmaids and her half-brother and adoptive brother are groomsmen.  When she confessed to her adoptive family over dinner that she wanted to have her biological father walk her down the aisle.

Before she confessed, her adoptive dad said that he wants to be the one to walk her down the aisle. To OP's dismay, her adoptive dad said that he wouldn't attend the wedding if she walked down the aisle with her biological father. 


OP's adoptive family reached out to her and apologized on the dad's behalf, but also suggested that she should reconsider her choice. Meanwhile, her biological dad doesn't want to stress her out. Even her aunt advised her to do what she thinks is right.

Redditors quickly populated the thread with their personal opinion on the OP's post. Many of them thought that it was, in fact, her own choice. Some of them also slammed the adoptive parents for seeking good treatment from the daughter who they always tagged as adoptive.

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

A Redditor's comment on the OP's post. | Source: Reddit

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