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Woman Who Put Her Child up for Adoption Sparks Debate for Acting like She Was Never Pregnant

Kareena Koirala
Dec 28, 2019
09:30 P.M.
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The front page of the Internet, Reddit, witnessed a debate after a woman posted on the "Am I The [Expletive]" or AITA forum regarding her pregnancy.


A user took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for pretending that she was never pregnant but giving her child up for adoption. She noted how the pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected.

She mentioned some of her health complications and the steps she was taking to tackle those issues in her post. She started the post by revealing that the child's father was not in the picture from the start.

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Apparently, the user, better known as OP, had numerous problems with her menstruation. She talked about how she gained about 15 pounds and suffered from nausea and fatigue every time she had her period.

Furthermore, she revealed that she was diagnosed with PCOS and a couple of other ovarian/uterine disorders. OP added that she was under the care of doctors to remedy the problems.

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OP realized that she was pregnant from her fling after ten weeks when she was at the doctor's office for a routine Pap smear. The doctor and OP initially thought it was a tumor and got an ultrasound.


The pregnancy came as a surprise as OP was still having her menstrual cycle while pregnant and they realized that OP was pregnant after the results of the ultrasound. OP couldn't bring herself to get an abortion and decided to deliver the baby.

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The problem was, she didn't want anyone to know that she was pregnant. She mentioned how she was a bit on the heavy side before and only gained 20 pounds during the pregnancy.

Some people were guessing that she was pregnant and asked her about it, but the questions would stop after she said it wasn't the case. However, her friends began shunning her and saying that her behavior was "weird."



OP delivered the baby, and the adoption procedure was completed by the time she was six months into her pregnancy. Although the delivery and adoption went smoothly, it's hard for her to hide her post-partum body.

OP mentioned that she still gets asked about her "new baby," but denies ever being pregnant. Finally, OP added that she didn't abort the baby because of her mental status.


She revealed how she went into a depressive state after learning about the pregnancy. She couldn't function properly as a result and thus missed the cut-off date for the abortion.


She left the query for the connoisseurs of Reddit to decide if she was the [expletive.] The participants in the forum were mostly concerned about the well-being of OP given her medical state.


The comments focused on how she should find someone to confide in and talk about the entire issue. Furthermore, the Redditors also expressed how OP should talk to her friends about the matter.

Of course, since OP decided on not discussing the pregnancy details, they wrote how she should explain the depth of the situation and strengthen their relationship.

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