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January 27, 2020

Seth Meyers Dated Human Rights Lawyer Alexi Ashe for 5 Years before They Finally Tied the Knot in 2013

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TV host, Seth Meyers knows his onions in the entertainment industry. Still, he is a family man at heart and his marriage to Attorney, Alexi Ashe is nothing short of blissful!

Seth Meyers has been a favorite on TV because of his light-hearted jokes and the ability to make fans feel good on his "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live." Besides Meyers' excellent TV career, he also has a pleasant marriage.

Seth Meyers is married to Human Rights Attorney, Alexi Ashe and they have two adorable kids, Ashe Olsen and Axel Strahl Meyers. Speaking with YOURTANGO, Meyers fondly shared facts about his marital journey.

Seth Meyers arrives at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 12, 2020|Photo: Getty Images



Seth Meyers and Alexi met at the wedding ceremony of Chris Kattan to model, Sunshine Deia Tutt. The actor told the news publication that it was love at first sight,

Alexi's sister also worked with Meyers on the set of SNL. The standup comedian said about their first meeting:

"I had a sense that she was the closest I'd ever be with someone who I could see myself with. Pretty much right away."



True to his intuition, Seth and Alexi became man and wife in September 2013 on Martha's Vineyard and haven't looked back ever since. The TV personality couldn't help speaking beautifully about his lover as he told the news outlet that she is smarter than he is. 

In a throwback interview with Elle when Meyers was still an eligible bachelor and making waves on SNL, he opened up about his emotional side.

Meyers made it known that he garnered enough knowledge from his parent's marriage.


Speaking about his romantic life, the "Lobby Baby" star told the publication that he was quite emotional and would shed a few tears while having sensitive conversations with his then-girlfriend, Ashe Alexi.

Through this interview, it is evident that Seth Meyers has been in awe of his lover for a long time. Describing her as an attorney who fights sex trafficking, Meyers explained that her job is more demanding than his.



The pair have been together for twelve years now, and through the bliss, there have been trying times. Speaking on how he is able to handle challenges in marriage, Meyers made it known that he garnered enough knowledge from his parent's marriage. He told YOURTANGO:

"My mother is an incredibly beautiful woman who has laughed at every single thing my father's ever said."

While going on to add that laughter does help make things work. With a thriving TV career and a busy wife, Seth Meyers made it known that he and Alexi try to get by through making time for each other and being positive every other day.