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Mark Wahlberg Facts That Fans Might Not Know

Pedro Marrero
Feb 02, 2020
09:00 P.M.
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When a pop star decides to try his luck in acting, the entertainment world shakes. However, in the case of Mark Wahlberg, things couldn't go better. Achieving success on the big screen with the first film was more than just a matter of luck.


When a pop star decides to try his luck in acting, the entertainment world shakes. However, in the case of Mark Wahlberg, things couldn't go better. Achieving success on the big screen with his first film was more than just a matter of luck.

Wahlberg's passage through the musical groups Marky Mark and Funky Bunch marked the beginning of his career. Then he would take the step towards Hollywood, obtaining leading roles in the films 'Boogie Nights', 'The Departed' and 'The Fighter'.

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Incredibly, Mark talked about his criminal career as a teenager. He was in jail for assault with injuries. While there, he was able to reflect on the kind of life he had led up to that moment, the problems faced and he realized that he wanted more from life. That was not the way precisely.

Mark was born in 1971 in Massachusetts and began his musical career following in the footsteps of his brother Donnie. He achieved fame as rapper Markie Mark. In the 90s he decided to make the change to acting by receiving favorable reviews for his work.


During his departure from the crime, he trusted his pastor to lead him away from the criminal life. Mark was clear that it had nothing to do with his education and other aspects. He had been taught what things are good and which are bad.


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Walhberg did not blame anyone but himself. He did not pity himself, on the contrary, he assumed responsibility for his actions and dedicated himself to be better every day.



Mark had the collaboration of his brother Donnie, after leaving prison, to begin his career as a rapper. Although his quality as a singer was not remarkable, his charisma and good look, in addition to his tendency to discard his clothes the stage brought his first singles to fame: "Good Vibrations" and "Wildside," returning to the platinum album.

Then Mark signed a contract with Calvin Klein to model underwear, something that would definitely put him in the public's eye. However, things began to emerge from his criminal past and rumors about possible racist and homophobic tendencies.

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Unfortunately for Mark, the public was not very happy with their attitudes and with the bad sales of their second album, You Gotta Believe, he decided to leave the music behind and devote himself to something else.

It started with "Basketball Diaries," "Boogie Nights” and Three Kings." Wahlberg has worked with Academy Award-winning films "The Departed" and "The Fighter," has also starred in various roles such as "Transformer: Age of Extinction," "Ted and Daddy's Home. ”


Wahlberg co-starred with Charlize Theron the movie "The Italian Job," and then joined Lily Tomlin, Jude Law, Naomi Watts and Dustin Hoffman for the comedy "I Heart Huckabees."


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In 2006, Mark won his first Oscar Award nomination for his work on the drama "The Departed." Martin Scorsese's film was attended by Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon.



Mark has also been successful as a producer, working as an executive producer on TV shows such as "Entourage," "In Treatment" and "Boardwalk Empire." Wahlberg launched a small program where he appears along with brothers Donnie and Paul, called Wahlburgers.

The program takes its name from the Wahlberg family's hamburger restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, and is about the peculiarities and interactions of the brothers. This series has received a good reception from the beginning, which continues to date.


There is no doubt about the talent, dedication, and discipline with which Wahlberg leads his life. He has shared his daily routine on Instagram and everything is completely organized in his daily agenda. And because of having eight brothers and three half brothers, it seems that Mark likes large families.

In 2009, Wahlberg married the Rhea Durham model. The couple has three children, one girl, Ella and two children Michael and Brendan, who were born before they married. In 2010 they welcomed their daughter Grace Margaret, their fourth child together.