North Carolina Animal Shelter Is Looking for Someone to Adopt Cat Who's a Handful

Perdita, a shelter cat, has risen to fame after an animal shelter labeled her the "World's Worst Cat" in a humorous ad to get her adopted. 

The Mitchell County Animal Rescue, situated in North Carolina, was a bit too honest when they made a free ad for Perdita, who joined the shelter about one year ago. 

The ad includes a picture of the beautiful feline who has a stony stare, much as the shelter writes. The photo also bears a short quote that read that Perdita was discovered to be a jerk when she would frequently pretend to be sick. 

As if the post wasn't already quirky enough, the shelter included a list of things that Perdita's likes and dislikes, many of which prove that she is one sour feline that is indeed not for the faint at heart. 

From hating colorful toys to having iconic horror film character, Church from "Pet Sematary" as her hero and her love for the thrill that comes with "jump scares," the list sure tells all about Perdita. The ad reads that Perdita especially dislikes:

"The color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas and last but NOT least...HUGS."

The shelter concluded the post by sharing that Perdita is single and "ready to be socially awkward" with an equally "socially awkward human who understands personal space." 

If the post wasn't already sweet enough to win hearts across the world, there is no better encouragement than the fact that Perdita can be adopted FOR FREE! Despite her many quirks, getting Perdita a new owner won't be hard going by the reactions to the post since it surfaced on Facebook. 

And here is the coolest cat ever! 

There is, however, one other cat that's taking social media by storm. It is Bazooka Joe, who is a sweet contrast to Perdita, and he is also a part of the North Carolina shelter. 

He has been fondly labeled the "World's Chonkiest and Coolest Cat" thanks to his sweet demeanor and extreme weight of about 36 pounds! One of the staffs at the organization said:

"This cat is the coolest cat ever. He's so mellow and chill. He's just happy all the time."

The shelter staff, however, shares that this is even though his large girth makes him appear intimidating. 

They share that Joe, who is only five years old, is an adorable feline and one always ready to spread the cheer. It is no wonder that Joe has found a new home! 

It is with Robin Anderson, who shares that Joe will indeed fill the space that her late Maine Coon cat left. Anderson, who has had to start a fitness journey herself, is ready to help the large cat shed some pounds! 

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