February 02, 2020

Daily Joke: Young Bride Demands $20 From Her Husband Before They Sleep Together

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A young lady deliberately made her husband pay before he could have some intimacy with her. 

The groom's bride sauntered closely to her husband on their wedding night and requested that he paid a sum of $20 to her before they could consummate their new marriage at the time. 

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With much enthusiasm, the groom readily accepted the offer. He thought of it as an excellent model of getting her new groceries. 

This "pay before service" has been the ritual in their home until suddenly, one day, the wife returns from work to find her hubby drunk and almost unconscious on their couch. 

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Just a few minutes later, came the news headlines on the radio, notifying the general public that a financial crisis in the country had just happened due to the downsizing of staff by the corporate bodies and the after-effects on the affected party.

The bride then figured out that this had to be the reason her darling was sunken. 

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The middle-aged male, obviously full of grief, was about to hit rock bottom when she gave him a book with his financial statements indicating deposits and interests on the account for the past twelve years and Boom!!! the monies had accrued to a whopping $1 million. 

Still, in shock and utter disbelief of how and when this happened, the 50-year-old man kept mute as she put him out of his misery.

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Interestingly, it turned out that she'd been saving and making some investments for him with the money she'd been getting from him before the couple made love, but that was not all. 

She pointed toward a local bank adjacent to the parking lot in front of their house and then gave some stock certificates to him, letting him know that he was the biggest shareholder in that bank.

Eventually, she let him know all she'd been doing for the past 30 years on sex, and investments. 

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Somehow the good news didn't settle well with the husband, and he was a bit saddened as he kept on jamming his head against the side of the car.

She asked him why he seemed hurt, and her husband made it clear that if he knew that she had been doing this all along, he would have given her charge over all of his businesses. 

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Source: Unijokes