February 03, 2020

Lance Gross Who Played Calvin in 'House of Payne' Is a Caring Dad of 2 Beautiful Kids - Meet Both of Them

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Actor, model, and photographer Lance Gross, who starred as the goofy "Calvin" on TBS Tyler Perry’s “House Of Payne” for three years, is now the father of two children.

Since the show stopped airing in 2010, the thirty-eight-year-old, who starred as "Calvin" on the TBS sitcom, took up other acting gigs, developing his art over the years, with a significant focus on family.

The icon is now married to the love of his life, fashion stylist Rebecca Jefferson, with whom he shares two adorable children.

Lance Gross at the 365 Black Awards | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine



The father of two is fond of his little ones, never missing an opportunity to show them off to the world, with several pictures of the tots flooding his social media pages. He shared a photo of his dad chilling with the kids captioning it:

“My 2 ?s chilling with Grandpa.”

A glimpse into the icon’s Instagram reveals firsthand, his love for family, from posting pictures from family holiday outings to celebrating his kids’ birthday with heartwarming posts.



The model has two children, whom he fondly refers to as his “turtles,” daughter Berkely, and son Lenon. Berkely Brynn Gross was welcomed into the family on November 20, 2014, a year before Lance’s marriage to the fashion stylist.

Now five, the little diva has become a regular on red carpets, gracing star-studded events and movie premieres alongside her celebrity dad.

Berkely’s brother, Lennon Lorin Gross, 1, was born on July 10, 2018, two days after the “House Of Payne” icon’s birthday. To mark the big day, the star announced on social media, reflecting on the two joyful events.




The entertainment icon, who refers to his wife as his best friend, admittedly values family over everything else and makes a conscious decision to always be there for them. Speaking on his experience as a father, the 38-year-old explained:

“Some of the most rewarding experiences being a father is being able to be present. Spending as many moments as I can with my little girl. It’s amazing how things shift from worrying about yourself to what’s next in this new life you’ve created.”



Being a father has also instilled in him a sense of duty and sacrifice, which Lance upholds to keep his family basking stronger.

In 2015, while Becca was pregnant with their daughter, the star was forced to turn down a significant role because it required him to leave his wife in Los Angeles and move to Atlanta for the shoot.


Addressing the audience at the 2019 Essence festival, the icon recalled giving his terms, making it clear he wanted the guarantee that he could fly back to LA in time to witness his daughter’s birth.

His conditions couldn’t be met, so he declined the role, to his wife’s surprise. Lance has never regretted the decision and he has continued to live by his “family first” principle to date.