Daily Joke: Woman Tired of Husband Coming Home Drunk Decides to Try out Her Friend's Suggestion

A drunkard's wife seeks advice from her friend on how to deal with her husband when he comes home drunk again.

Britney's husband, was a drunkard; he regularly left home after dinner to go to the town bar and often came home late at night, intoxicated and tired.

Photo of a woman suffering from headache | Photo: Getty Images

Photo of a woman suffering from headache | Photo: Getty Images

When he makes it home, and he always does, he'd fumble with the door trying to fit the key in the lock. He never failed and made an awful lot of noise while at it.

Each time this happened, Britney would go to the door, let him in, and then go on to yell at him for coming home late and drunk every night. However, her husband still kept up with his late-night habits. 

This kept on until one day, Britney sort advice from her colleague at work. Her friend advised her to try another approach since her berating him had yielded no positive results. Britney's friend asked her,

"Why don't you treat him a little differently when he gets home? Instead of hitting him, why don't you welcome him home with a kiss? Then, he might abandon his terrible habits." 

Britney seeing the ingenuity in the idea, agreed to try the approach. That night, her husband once again disappeared after they had dinner and arrived home past midnight in his usual condition.

She stayed up, and when she heard him shuffling at the door, she opened it and ushered him in. Rather than berating and beating him like she often did, she took his arm and safely guided him to the living room.

An old man drinking alcohol. | Source: Pixabay

An old man drinking alcohol. | Source: Pixabay

She had him sit down on the sofa, put his feet up on the footstool, and took off his shoes. Afterward, she sat beside him, rested his head on her bosom, and hummed softly to him.

After a while, she suggested they go upstairs to bed, and her husband replied in his intoxicated state, 

"We probably should. I'll get in trouble when I get home anyway!"

A drunk man laying on the grass.| Photo: Getty Images.

A drunk man laying on the grass.| Photo: Getty Images.

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