Dylan Dreyer from 'Today' Shared Video Showing 1-Month-Old Son Oliver Rolling Over

NBC News host Dylan Dreyer could not curtail her joy after seeing her one-month-old baby roll over, and she decided to share the news with her colleagues.

Dylan is a mother of two boys, Calvin and Oliver, and while Calvin is now a toddler, his younger brother Oliver just arrived a month ago.

It is every mother's joy to watch their offspring blossom, so it wasn't a surprise when Dylan called in on the "3rd hour of Today" show to share the exciting news about her son's development.

At the receiving end were Jill Martin, Al Roker, and Stephanie Gosk. They all gushed over the adorable news. The show updated their Twitter page with the clip where Dylan explained that her son's actions were due to a protest. According to Dylan:

"I couldn't believe it, so we've been doing tummy time...I was looking around, and I saw him roll over, and then I grabbed my camera to see if it was a fluke...here it is a second time."

After she watched it happen again, the happy mom explained how her boys are getting along.

Dylan Dreyer attends the 42nd Annual Gracie Awards. | Photo: Getty Images

Dylan Dreyer attends the 42nd Annual Gracie Awards. | Photo: Getty Images

For young Calvin, he seems to be able to keep his attention span for a few minutes before losing it.

The mother of two is currently enjoying her maternity leave and is having the time of her life as Oliver is "so chill."

The big brother shares a swell time with his little brother until he decides that he's "done." 

Dylan also expressed that her older son may not be aware that Oliver is a human being just yet, but that hasn't come between the compassion he dishes out to baby Oliver! In her words:

"He loves him, although I think he does think he's a toy... And he wants to hold him and all of a sudden he's like 'I'm done. I'm done. I'm done."

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This is her second child with her husband, Brian Did. The news anchor doesn't miss an opportunity to show her family off.  When she's not sending a video, she's posting images of them.

Dylan's journey with baby number two wasn't quite as easy as the first. The show host had to deal with various fertility problems for awhile.

Dylan however once shared how her steadfastness in God and a supportive husband helped her through those tough times.

The mother of two is currently enjoying her maternity leave and is having the time of her life as Oliver is "so chill" and doesn't stress her.

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