February 10, 2020

Daily Joke: A Woman Was Hosting a Dinner Party When Her Maid Called Her Aside

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Once, a woman hosting a dinner party sent her guests into a feat of panic after her maid called her aside to inform her of the tragic fate of the family’s cat.

A hasty decision made in a moment of desperation and panic is bound to result in dire, embarrassing, and sometimes expensive consequences.

Photo of relaxed family group enjoying candlelit dinner together | Photo: Getty Images


A woman learned this firsthand during an extravagant dinner party, which she hosted in her exquisite mansion, graced by the most elegant guests.

It all began when the party hostess’s housekeeper excused her from the company of her guests and led her into the kitchen to inform her of the house cat’s escapades saying,

“The cat climbed onto the kitchen counter and ate half of the fresh salmon prepared for the guests.”

Close-Up photo of a cat eating food from a bowl on table at home | Photo: Getty Images


A bit relieved that the emergency situation was still within her control, the woman devised an ultimatum in no time.

She asked the distressed maid to substitute the consumed portion of the feast with processed, store-bought salmon, which she did just as soon.

The hostess joined her guests apologetically, while the maid went about her business, dishing out the last of the remaining fresh salmon to the dinner attendees. 

Photo of an old woman cooking in a kitchen and cat | Photo: Getty Images


Shortly after, while the guests were savoring the fleshy delight, the serving girl approached the woman a second time, and called her aside, this time, to inform her that the offending cat was dead.

Like a flash, the frightened hostess rushed back to the hall in a feat of panic, told her guests about the dead cat, which met its fate shortly after eating the salmons.

She then implored everyone to rush to a health facility immediately to prevent them from meeting the same fate. 

Photo of a mexican woman making dinner in the kitchen | Photo: Getty Images


They all complied without fail, stumbling on each other while trying to make it to the hospital as soon as possible.

After a tiresome and expensive ordeal, coupled with a ruined dinner party, the woman returned from the hospital famished and embarrassed. She then asked the maid of the cat’s whereabouts, to which she responded:

“Nowhere, ma’am. It’s still out there in the streets where the car hit it.”

Photo of a cat walking on the road | Photo: Getty Images

What thoughts would have gone through the woman’s head at that moment! Lesson learned the hard way.

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