Washington 8-Year-Old Sells Enough Handmade Key Chains to Help 7 Schools Clear Students' Lunch Debts

Keoni Ching, a little boy from Washington state, did his part to eliminate his school's outstanding lunch debt by selling handmade keychains. The amount he collected will help seven schools in total.  

Keoni Ching might be merely 8-years-old, but he has the biggest heart. The little one has proven that kindness can change the world by his small gesture of love that has melted the hearts of many. 

With the help of his parents and his grandparents, Ching has made over 300 key chains worth $5 each. By selling those, he raised $4,015 to clear the lunch debt of students from his school, Benjamin Franklin Elementary. 

Keoni Ching hands out the check worth $4015 to his school to clear the lunch debt. | Source: YouTube/CBS 17

Keoni Ching hands out the check worth $4015 to his school to clear the lunch debt. | Source: YouTube/CBS 17


"CNN" reported that Ching, who only wanted to help his school friends, started making keychains because he loves them and likes the way they look on his backpack.

Since he wanted to do something worthwhile for "Kindness Week" at Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Ching conceived the idea of starting the project to help his school along with six other schools. 

His parents, Barry and April Ching, helped him to get the project started. Ching was inspired by the kindness of Richard Sherman, a San Francisco 49ers player, who donated over $27000 to clear students' lunch debts. 

Soon enough, the news of Ching's selfless cause started to spread and people from all around the country took notice. They started to send their requests for custom keychains. 


In an interview with "CNN," Ching's mother April shared how people started reaching out to them for keychains. According to her, they have sent keychains to Rhode Island, Arizona, Alaska, and Minnesota to name a few states. 

"It was absolutely amazing how much support the community showed for his whole project."

April also shared that there was a lady who wanted keychains worth $100 so that she could hand them out to people. Similarly, there were several people who bought one keychain and paid a hundred bucks for it. 

Last week, Ching handed out the $4,015 to his school. The school will use $1000 to pay off the $500 lunch debt and save $500 for any future debt incurred. 


As for the rest of the sum, six nearby schools will get $500 each to clear out their own lunch debts. According to Franklin Elementary's Principal Woody Howard, this type of contribution take a little weight off the shoulders of students' families who cannot pay for lunches. 

Ching isn't the only young student who has made such a kind and selfless gesture to help fellow students. Previously, a 9-year-old student named Ryan Kyote used his saved allowance of $74.80 to pay off the school lunch debt

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