Spike Lee Honors Kobe Bryant by Rocking Purple & Gold Suit with Number 24 on Its Lapels at the 2020 Oscars

Spike Lee honored Kobe Bryant at this year's Oscars ceremony, sporting a purple and gold suit with the number 24 on it. 

Spike Lee continues to mourn the death of his friend, NBA legend Kobe Bryant. During the Oscars ceremony, he showed appreciation to him by sporting a custom purple Gucci suit, which had gold accents and the number 24 on its lapels and back. 

Spike Lee promotes love at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Spike Lee promotes love at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


Of course, there was no better way to pay tribute to Bryant but by wearing his very own Kobe rubber shoes to the red carpet event, which is what Spike did. 

The Oscar-winning director was joined by his wife, Tonya Lewis, who dressed in an all-white ensemble, choosing to highlight her husband's outfit instead. 


During the event, he opened up about why he felt the need to pay tribute to his late friend, saying it's all about love this time around. 

"You know, we just gotta love, we gotta love each other man. All this other crazy stuff that's happening now, you know what I'm talking about, we gotta squash that you know, we just gotta, for Vanessa, the family. Peace and love."

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A POEM FOR KOBE BY LEMON ANDERSEN Let us all gather around And bid our farewells to the Beautiful game of the Black Mamba... For these are the last days Of a legendary fade away, As he Fades away back to Blackness, Let us scatter Purple and Gold roses Along the seas, across the Atlas As our hero takes on his final journey and Fades away back to Blackness... Back To the Lower Merion number dripping from his shoulders Glory hanging from the rim rumors spreading of a child’s love for winning While he remained shooting for perfection inside the hollows of an empty gym. Oh, how the critics spread word To and fro of His growing game how his glowing handles will only go so far Yet, all that mattered was his chase for the undying zone Not the stones they threw nor the stats they claimed Not even a nationwide repertoire... Just the chase, The impossible, A relentless will To Fight or Fly to fight through injuries, For the Black mamba believed pain is for the weak, And fear is a Lie, Believed to live in your legend You must be greater than the greatest of all nations To be written in history was not enough Like having his game written as the brightest star amongst the basketball constellations And so he faded Back to mastery remained Focused Always striking with a Venomous sting No matter how loud the rival crowds would yell you can hear the rattle of our Black Mamba from all of his championship rings, All the records shattered and he still picks up the glass All the years have gone And he still remained patiently waiting by the wooden war painted basketball court with his Fangs in the grass Waiting to fade back again one last time Waiting for one last season to strike one last liquid clutch from the silence of the three point line, One last season to leave the heroes journey in a beautiful Bliss as all must eventually go home and fade away back to Blackness.

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Just like Lee, Bryant is also an Oscar-winner, winning "Best Animated Short" in 2018 for his film "Dear Basketball," which was based on a poem he wrote about the sport when he announced his retirement back in 2015. He worked alongside animator Glen Keane to bring his writing to life, while Bryant narrated it. 

Spike previously expressed his heartbreak over Kobe's death but chose to reminisce about funnier times, particularly every time they'd see each other. 


Lee is a huge Knicks fan, but despite this, he respected Kobe for the amazing player that he was. That's why every time they'd meet, Kobe would greet him with "Knicks sucks!" Regardless of where they were, Kobe would say this before going in for a hug.

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Da Lee’s Are In Da House.💜💜💜

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While they weren't super close, Lee and Bryant worked together on a 2009 documentary called "Kobe Doin' Work," which was a film that followed an LA Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs game through the eyes of the Black Mamba himself. 

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