Daily Joke: Woman Sends Her Son to Check If Their Elderly Neighbor Is Okay

Enjoy a laugh from a little boy doesn't quite understand his mother's instructions and ended up offending an old woman. While another elderly pair are faced with good news and bad news from heaven.

A Woman Never Reveals Her Age

After days of not hearing anything from her elderly neighbor named Mrs. Pierpoint, a woman sent her son to go over to her house to check on how she was doing. In giving her son instructions on what to do, she said:

"Tony, would you go next door and see how old Mrs. Pierpoint is?"

An old woman holds onto the windowpane as she looked out, on December 27, 2008 | Source: Getty Images

An old woman holds onto the windowpane as she looked out, on December 27, 2008 | Source: Getty Images

The young boy rushed next-door to check on the widow. Moments later, Tony came back and told her that Mrs. Pierrpoint was fine, but she was upset with her, Tony explained to his mother saying: 

"Mrs. Pierpoint said it's none of your business how old she is."

A Sign From Heaven

90-year-old Mike and Joe had been friends all their lives. During Joe's final day, Mike made sure to visit him and he would sit by his bed and enjoy reflecting on the old days.

Mike reminded Joe about all the years they used to enjoy playing football every Saturday. Looking at his dying friend he asked that when he got to heaven he should try to send him some sort of message to let him know if there was football in the afterlife.

Just before he died Joe accepted Mike's request. In the days following Joe's death, Mike was woken up at midnight by a blinding white light that flashed brightly in his face.

As he struggled to see what was in front of him, he suddenly heard a voice calling him from a distance. He finally sat up and answered the voice, asking "Who is it?"

The voice answered and said it was Joe. However, Mike didn't think it could be real and questioned how it could be Joe when he died just a few days ago.

Still unsure of who was speaking to him, Mike needed further proof to believe that it was his friend reaching out to him. 

After some convincing, he finally believed that is was Joe, who revealed that he was in heaven. He shared the good news that he and some of their old friends enjoy playing football all the time and never get tired. However, he told Mike that he had some bad news, and shared:

"You're in the team for this Saturday's match!"

Source: The Joke CaféJokes of the Day.

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