Daily Joke: Two Friends Talk about Wishes

Two friends met over coffee to discuss what's going on in their lives. They had met after a long time and there was a lot to catch up with. As the conversation went on, one of them shared what they truly wish for. 

Two friends, Dave and Josh, were talking about their marriage, their kids, and their pets over a cup of Americano.

Just when they were running out of things to talk about, Josh shared how he was going through a major financial crisis. 

A man drinking coffee. | Source: Pexels

A man drinking coffee. | Source: Pexels


"I'm utterly broke this month, man," Josh said. "And my wife has been swiping my credit card like crazy."

"You don't give them your credit card. No sir," replied Dave. 

"But you know what, I can afford to give a million dollars to the one who fulfills my wish," Josh said with an air of mystery. 

Dave gave his friend a weird look and said, "Really? What is you wish?"

"That somebody would give me two million dollars."

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One night, a man was walking on the street. His wife was furious because he was late for dinner already. On top of that, his car had just broken down. 

Suddenly, a bright light flashed before him. He squinted to see what was going on only to find God standing in front of him. 

"Oh dear lord!" the man exclaimed. 

 "You just got lucky child," God began to speak. "I feel like granting people their wishes today and your grim face tells me that you could do with some."

"How many wishes do I get?" the man asked.


"Ask for any two things, child," God replied. 

"Feels like the kind of night when I can do with some good wine," the man said. 

Suddenly, a bottle of the finest red wine emerged from God's palm. He handed it out to the man who took it happily. 

"I wish I had the best woman in the world," the man said, thinking about his wife's scorned face. 

Suddenly, Mother Theresa appeared out of nowhere. "There you go," said God. 

Moral: Always be specific about what you want. 

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