Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend David Adefeso Shares How Much He Loves Her in Heart-Melting Post

Tamar's boyfriend, David wrote a touching message for her complete with a slide show of their sweet moments together. "I love you completely," he writes.

Tamar Braxton’s Valentine’s Day couldn’t be sweeter with the love letter her boyfriend David Adefeso penned for her.

David celebrated their love story in a special post featuring clips and images of the two of them. It’s clear from the slide show that their relationship is very much on an upswing.

We’ve known for some time now how much David adores Tamar. In fact, he loves her enough to cut ties with his own family if they refused to accept her.

Tamar Braxton attending a tribute concert in May 2016. | Photo: Getty Images

Tamar Braxton attending a tribute concert in May 2016. | Photo: Getty Images


In one of the clips Davis shared, the couple was on a hike at Cabo San Lucas. They were taking a break and shared a kiss at one point. Another video featured Tamar singing as David watched her in awe.

“The last 20 months have been like a dream come true,” David wrote at the beginning of his caption which read like a beautiful love letter to Tamar.

“Who would’ve guessed that two oceans would meet that one warm summer night in the Pacific and so quickly unite to form an unbreakable bond that gets so much stronger every day."

David continued with more flowery words to describe the kind of love they share.

“Through every storm that forms the tide gets stronger and each wave creates another indescribable memory that lasts a lifetime.”

He ended his message by professing his love and revealing how much Tamar means to him. “I love you completely,” he writes.


We’ve known for some time now how much David adores Tamar. In fact, he loves her enough to cut ties with his own family if they refused to accept her. David disclosed around Thanksgiving last year that he had warned his family early on to be accepting of Tamar or they lose him.

David was speaking as a Nigerian who knew all too well how families in his country tend to meddle in their children’s relationships. He didn’t want to subject Tamar to that kind of harassment.


Luckily, David’s family took a liking to Tamar instantly when they first met her in Nigeria. And at the Thanksgiving dinner David and Tamar hosted,  his mother welcomed the singer to their clan.

Tamar has also been very vocal about her appreciation of David and the love he showers her son, Logan Herbert. She even threw him a “magical” 50th birthday bash because he’s never had a birthday party before. 

David was more than grateful. He was filled with joy when he thanked Tamar for what he described as his “best birthday ever.”

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Yesterday my @tamarbraxton , Beans and I hosted our first thanksgiving dinner as a family. My dynamic 80 year old mom, sister, brother-in-law and niece as well as more than 30 close friends of ours attended. We had a blast!!! It always amazes me to see how Tamar and my family took to each other from the moment they met back in Nigeria; they love her and she loves them right back. During dessert my mom stood up to speak and she called Tamar her daughter. I wasn’t surprised: my family took to Tamar’s gorgeous simile, deep kindness and infectious sense of humor almost as strongly as she took to my family’s deeply Christian, conservative, African roots. But what if my family hadn’t accepted her? As with a lot of African American families, many African parents and families tend to get too overly involved in their children’s relationships and married lives, often to the detriment of the young couple’s relationship (heck, I’ve seen some of my friends’ moms move into the couple’s home right after they got married, which so often makes life miserable for the daughter-in-law). I vowed that I would never put Tamar through the misery I’ve seen other couples go through with the man’s family. So I informed my family early on that they didn’t have a choice! They either love Tamar the way they love me and accept her the way I accept her....or they risk losing me completely. Needless to say, I needn’t have worried!! My mom treats Tamar like her 4th daughter (I have 3 sisters) and Beans like her 13th grandchild, my sisters cherish her the way they do each other, and my brothers adore my @tamarbraxton almost as much as I do. Welcome to the Adefeso family, Tamar!! I am so grateful and give thanks that God brought you and Beans into my life. A word to all the young, strong brothas out there who are in relationships with our beautiful black sistas: please stand up for your girl! Once you pick her she becomes your #1 in life; and she comes before the rest of your family: before your mom, sisters, and before even you!! And that’s how to keep a happy home! #happythanksgiving #godblessournewfamily ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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It's lovely to see how much David makes Tamar happy and vice versa. Coming from a marriage that didn't make it, Tamar deserves a second chance at true love. And judging from David's constant proclamations of love, her heart must be so full and her life must be teeming with happiness. 

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