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Kandi Burruss and Her Husband Todd Tucker Have Been Married for 5 Years — inside the RHOA Couple's Relationship

Oyin Balogun
Feb 25, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star, Kandi Buruss and her husband of five years, Todd Tucker, have a typical fairy tale romance which has remained unaltered after half a decade together.


Kandi Buruss and Todd Tucker's relationship has remained an enviable one in their five years together.

The singer, actress, and businesswoman, who married her husband in 2014, has a lot to say about sustaining their romance for half a decade without marital scandals.

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The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star met Todd in 2011 while filming the fourth season of the series. Todd was working as a line producer for the show at the time, and the two hit it off before long. Their relationship moved to the next level in 2014 after the two got engaged, and got married in April of the same year.

Five years down the line, the lovebirds have remained inseparable. During an episode of "Kandi Online," the couple delved into details of their relationship and how they have managed to make it work and overlook each other's faults while building a business empire together.


Speaking on some of her compromises, the singer revealed that she sometimes held back for the sake of her partner's ego, just to keep them growing strong.

Their passion as business partners worked out over the years because the couple learned to have mutual respect for each other's creativity and ideas. Sharing tips for other couples who are both business partners and romantic partners, the mother of three said:

"Make sure your communication is on point, make sure you compromise at some point, never forget to do the one on one time, the love time. Time to cater to each other. You don't want your love life to become taken over by your business."



The dreamy adventure began in South Africa thanks to the hit series, "Real Housewives Of Atlanta." With Kandi working as an actress, and Todd, a producer, in the faraway African location, a romance between the pair was unlikely as there were rules against messing with "the talents."

However, once Kandi caught his eyes, as the humble, genuine talent with a great smile and butt, the producer took his shot, and the rest is history.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Burruss attend the 2019 E! People's Choice Award. | Source: Getty Images



Remarkably, fans got to watch the couple's relationship play out on the set of "RHOA," with most of their milestones documented, from their dating experience to the proposal and eventual marriage and parenthood.

The duo kicked off in 2011, shortly after their onset meeting. To enable their romance progress without a hitch, the line producer quit his job on the show but was recruited again by the same production company to work on other shows.

Two years into their love journey, the 46-year-old proposed to his then-girlfriend on 2013s New Year's Day. Their engagement was witnessed by a trail of family and friends.


The next year, they tied the knot in a "Coming To America" themed ceremony, which aired as a special spin-off of the real housewives series, titled, "Kandi's Wedding." One year into their marriage, the television personality became pregnant with their first son, Ace Wells Tucker, welcoming him in January 2016.

They established their first business together in 2017, The Old Lady Gang restaurant in Atlanta, becoming official business partners. With their business empire progressing, the pair decided to expand the family.

This time, they decided to have their child through Surrogacy. In 2019, the lovebirds revealed that the surrogate mother, who was initially pregnant with twin babies, lost one of the embryos prematurely. Despite the loss, the couple was grateful to welcome their surviving child last November.



Fans of "RHOA" are aware of the feud between the 46-year-old line producer and the actress's mom, Mama Joyce. From the onset, Kandi's mom opposed the romance between the lovebirds, accusing the 46-year-old of being a gold digger using her daughter for his personal and professional gain.

At first, the love pair considered eloping to see the marriage through, but thought better of it, and stood up to Mama Joyce instead. The grandmother reluctantly showed up at the wedding but was sure to make it clear that she still disapproved of the union.

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Despite different attempts by Kandi to patch things up between the in-laws, their relationship is still rocky. Although there was a little improvement after the birth of the couple's first son, the animosity soon developed again, with the mother-in-law attacking Todd's parenting abilities.

A recent conflict occurred after the grandmother supposedly took a stab at the producer by offering to make Burruss's eldest daughter, Riley, the beneficiary in her will. Todd took the move as his mother-in-law's way of pointing out that he was incapable of fending for his stepdaughter.

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Viewers would agree that of all the real housewives, Kandi's relationship was the least scandalous, as the couple has managed to love each other despite their differences, without giving room for marital crisis. Their seemingly rosy relationship has made Kandi the go-to Atlanta housewife for relationship advice.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker at Essence Magazine Celebrates October Cover Star Kandi Burruss. | Source: Getty Images


In one episode of the Bravo series, the 43-year-old disclosed some of the downsides of being the relationship expert of the group, and how it didn't always turn out great, recalling her clash with fellow "RHOA" star, Porsha. Notwithstanding, she shared a bit of advice which has worked for her over the years saying:

"I was a single mom for a long time, and I was alright. So I don't really be wanting to hear too many sobs stories. I'm like, 'girl, if you don't pull it together. You're too bad for that. Get it together!'"

Meanwhile, Kandi's life with her daughter, Riley, from a previous relationship, Todd's 23-year-old, and their two kids together has evolved into their perfect little world.