Daily Joke: A Defendant Planned to Impress the Judge in Court

Kareena Koirala
Feb 24, 2020
09:30 P.M.
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A defendant found himself amid a huge crisis when he was subjected to a lawsuit involving a large sum of money. He turned to his lawyer for some advice on how to win the judge over. 


The defendant was a business tycoon who had enough money to buy a city, but he was cunning to his core. He was determined to win the case by any means. 

He thought it would be a wise choice to consult his lawyer before making any move. So he called the lawyer over to discuss the ways he could win the case. 



"You know how important this case is to me. If I lose, I'll have to sacrifice 10 million dollars! That is no joke," the defendant said worriedly.

"I understand that, sir, but there isn't much that we can do. The decision is entirely in the judge's hands now," the lawyer said. 


The defendant sighed and stared at the wall for a moment. Suddenly, he jumped up from his chair. 

"What if I bribe the judge with something? I hear that the judge loves a box of the expensive Gurkha Cigar," he asked. 

A box of cigars. | Source: Pexels



"If you do that, you'll definitely lose the case. The judge is strictly against bribery and will not entertain any unethical behavior. So don't pull that stunt unless you want to lose the case," the lawyer advised. 

"Really? That stern?" the defendant asked. 


"Yep. In fact, he doesn't even like it when the defendants do so much as smile at him," the lawyer said. 

By some miracle, the defendant ended up winning the case. He was ecstatic as he met his lawyer outside the courthouse. 



"Thanks for the tip about the cigars, pal! It certainly worked!" he exclaimed. 

The lawyer was puzzled. "What are you talking about? You would have lost the case if you sent them."


"But I did send them," the defendant said proudly. 

The lawyer was shocked. He couldn't believe the defendant. "I don't understand."

"I sent the pack of cigars to the judge with the business card of the plaintiff inside."

Source: startsat60

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