February 25, 2020

Daily Joke: Man Who Hasn't Been to the Cinema in a Long Time Thinks Popcorn Is Too Expensive

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An elderly man visits the movies after many years of being stuck up in his rural settlement. Determined to have a worthwhile viewing experience, the man stopped by at a popcorn counter to get some but was flustered by the price.

The inflated prices of cinema foods have made for pressing subjects of discussion on several occasions, with many seeking alternatives.

Over the years, many have resorted to extreme measures like sneaking in some snacks, which, of course, is illegal in the monopolized business empire.

Photo of an illuminated single word "cinema" on a wall | Photo: Getty Images


That said, one has no choice but to get accustomed to the over-prized cinema food when setting out to enjoy an enhanced movie experience. Those were the thoughts of an old man who found out about the prizes a moment too late.

The elderly man, who has not been to the cinema in a long time, set out from his rural settlement to catch a movie or two in the city, several years after his last visit.

Photo of multi-ethnic audience enjoying popcorn while watching comedy movie at cinema hall | Photo: Getty Images


Eager to make the most of his foray into the city, the elderly man got his tickets swiftly, before heading to the concession stand to grab some popcorn. 

After placing his order, his bill of $1.50 was shown to him, to his surprise. Reluctantly, the city explorer handed the attendant the notes but was unable to stop himself from voicing out his protests. He said:

“The last time I went to the movies, popcorn was only 15 cents.”

An old man pictured buying popcorn from a kiosk | Photo: Getty Images


The popcorn salesperson, obviously used to such scenarios, handled the situation with professionalism as he replied calmly, with a smirk:

“Well, sir, You’re really going to enjoy yourself this evening. We have sound now.” Short of words, the man proceeded to catch his movie.

Group of happy people pictured watching funny movie in the cinema. | Photo: Getty Images


Movie experiences are much more than the overpriced foods though, as would be learned in the next joke, which comes with a new movie perspective, and a good laugh.

Two men were cozied up in a cinema watching a cowboy movie. Just as a stagecoach pulled up, the first man, turned to the stranger beside him and suggested a bet saying:

“I bet you a tenner that the first guy out bangs his head on the door frame.”

Photo of two friends at the cinema wearing 3D glasses | Photo: Getty Images


The second man gladly accepted the bet and “bang!” the guy in the movie hit his head on the door frame on his way out of the coach, so he paid up the agreed amount.

Shortly after, the bet winner felt a prang of guilt, and returned the money back to his neighbor, admitting he already knew the outcome because he saw the movie the previous day. At that, the second man replied:

“So did I. But I didn’t think he’d be daft enough to do it again!”

Photo of two friends at the cinema watching a movie | Photo: Getty Images

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