Daily Joke: Teacher Gets Frustrated with One Student's Dumb Answer to a Math Question

Little Johnny's teacher was frustrated because he couldn't understand the basics of Maths. She decided to explain it to him using an example. 

Little Johnny wasn't a particularly bright student, but he was smart. However, if there was one thing that he hated the most in the world, it was Maths. 

Miss Bellum was teaching the class how to solve a Maths problem, but her lecture went right over Johnny's head and he was daydreaming. The teacher eventually noticed that he wasn't paying much attention in class. 

A little boy. | Source: Pexels

A little boy. | Source: Pexels


"Johnny? Come over here and solve a Maths problem for us," miss Bellum said. 

Johnny lazily got up from his desk and moved towards the podium. Miss Bellum gave him a marker to solve a Maths problem on the board. 

"Now listen to me carefully. I come to your house one day and give you two cats," miss Bellum said. "Then the next morning, I give you two more cows and later in the evening, I give you two more. How many cows would you have in total now?"

Without writing anything on the board, Johnny excitedly exclaimed, "Seven!"

"No, Johnny. Listen carefully. I gave you two cats, then another two, then another two. How many cows do you have now?" miss Bellum asked again. 

"Seven!" Johnny exclaimed again. 


Miss Bellum was frustrated now. "Are you sure Johnny? Count again," she said.

"Seven," Johnny said. 

"Alright. Let's try another one. If I give you two cats and then another two and then one, how many cows would you have?" miss Bellum asked. 


"Good lord, Johnny! Where would you get six cats from?!" she irately exclaimed. 

"Because I already have a freaking cat at home!"

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One day, a psychology teacher visited a class of young students. She decided to ask a random question to the kids. 

"Who all think they are stupid? Please stand up!" the teacher said.

None of the students stood up except for Little Johnny. 

"Do you think you are stupid?" the teacher asked. 

"No, but I felt bad to see you standing there all by yourself!"

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