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US Weekly: Meghan & Harry May Lose Security Support Network after Their Royal Exit

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 08, 2020
04:30 A.M.
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Harry and Meghan's royal duties end on the 31st of March and that could also mean an end to their security suport network, an ex-Royal Protection Officer reported.


Simon Morgan worked as a Royal Protection Officer between the years 2007 and 2013. In an interview with Us Weekly, the ex-royal protection officer revealed that the couple could forfeit their security protection network. 

Following that several engagements have been scheduled for the couple, the question hanging in the air is, how would Harry and Morghan be protected after cutting ties officially with the royal family? 

Prince Harry and Meghan attend a Creative Industries and Business Reception on October 02, 2019, in Johannesburg, South Africa. | Source: Getty Images.


Morgan said that the way the network of protection operates is through various UK law enforcement agencies, which includes the police service, and that these law enforcement agencies work with each other to facilitate the security services for the royal family.

He added that these agencies work on a local scale in London, throughout the United Kingdom and then globally with the law enforcement of the various countries around the world.

With the royal exit of Harry and Meghan, they cease to be public officers, which complicates their public service protection. 


In comparison with Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, who also stepped down from the royal family and faced issues without security following her exit, Simon is convinced that Harry's threat level is much higher.

Harry and Meghan would soon be prohibited from using the "Sussex Royal" name.

Simon's concern for Harry and Meghan's protection against attack is significant. Simon also noted that the pair would require protection from stalkers as it is a risk associated with being part of the entertainment industry.


The Canadian Government has also aired plans to stop providing security services through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to Meghan, Harry, and their 9-month old son Archie. 

The protection began since November 2019 at the request of the Metropolitan Police. Once the couple steps down as royal members on March 31st, the "assistance will cease in coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status." 


In other related news, at Harry's first public appearance in the UK since he moved to Canada, which was an event in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Duke was introduced merely as "Harry" at his request.

Further to this, the Sussex pair recently shared a litany of agreements and changes regarding their transition, which takes effect Spring 2020. 

One of the hot issues was that the name "Sussex Royal," which the pair had earlier used for their non-profit organization and had filed the trademark application for as a protective measure, will no longer be utilized. 

However, the couple brought more attention to themselves in a statement they made recently as individual members of the royal family interpreted to be a snipe at the Queen.

The statement made on Harry and Meghan's official website was that The Monarchy or Cabinet Office lacked jurisdiction "over the use of the word 'Royal' overseas."